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What do you need to mount a staghorn fern?

What do you need to mount a staghorn fern?

There are five key components to mounting a staghorn fern at home. First, you need a mature stag, green sheet moss, twine or fishing line, a sturdy wooden board, and hardware for securing the fern to the board and hanging onto the wall.

What kind of wood do you use to mount a staghorn fern?

Mounting Staghorn Ferns should be done on rot resistant wood like cedar. Because of the aggressive way that they are watered, and the fact that they are so closely connected to the wood, you need something that can last long term.

How do you attach a staghorn fern to a piece of wood?

How to Mount a Staghorn Fern

  1. Materials Needed.
  2. Place the potted fern in the center of the wood plank, making sure that a sterile leaf is turned toward the top.
  3. Dip a handful of moss in warm water, and then arrange it on the plank in between the screws.

How often should I water a staghorn fern?

A good rule of thumb is to water once per week in dry, hot times of year, and once every two to three weeks during cooler months. Start with this schedule, and adjust as necessary depending on your space. Staghorn ferns absorb water through their fronds, as well as their roots.

What does an overwatered staghorn fern look like?

Brown/Black spots on the Base of Antler Fronds Another common sign to look for in the plant is black/brown spots on the base of antler fronds. The appearance of these spots is a sign that the plant is being overwatered.

Are coffee grounds good for staghorn ferns?

Q. Are coffee grounds good for staghorn ferns? In limited amounts, coffee grounds can help boost soil acidity and organic content of the growing media.

Should you mist a staghorn fern?

Staghorn ferns absorb water through their fronds, as well as their roots. This means that they respond well to misting and appreciate humid spaces.

Is my Platycerium bifurcatum superbum?

You don’t have the Superbum though. You have the Platycerium bifurcatum ‘Netherlands’. I have grown 100’s of this variety and these plants will handle even upper 30’s without problem so long as it is not prolonged.

How to take care of Platycerium?

In spring and summer it’s best to water Platycerium 2 times a week. In autumn and winter need less water the flower, using less water. If you have a long departure, and to care for plants no one else, you have to fill a separate container with a damp moss-sphagnum. In doing so, take the pot with flower and place it in this capacity.

Is Platycerium a fern?

Platycerium Platycerium, or «antler,» or Plascore is an unusual fern of the family Mnogonogie. Due to its unusual shape leaves, it was jokingly called the people of the «deer horn» or «plushroom».