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What does EAA gun stand for?

What does EAA gun stand for?

European American Armory Inc.
European American Armory Inc. is a Rockledge, Florida based firearms company which imports a number of different handguns, shotguns and rifles to the United States.

Where are EAA guns made?

The Tanfoglio Combat or Standard, also known as T(A)95 or EAA Witness Steel, is a modified clone of the Czech CZ-75/CZ-85 pistol. It is made in Gardone Val Trompia near Brescia, Italy by Fratelli Tanfoglio S.N.C….Tanfoglio T95.

Tanfoglio Combat or Standard / EAA Witness Steel
Manufacturer Tanfoglio
Produced 1997–present

Who makes witness firearms?

Manufactured by Tanfoglio in Italy and imported by European American Armory Corp. (EAA), the 9 mm Luger Witness is a full-size, steel-frame gun based on the classic CZ-75 design suited for such purposes.

What is a tanfoglio witness?

The Tanfoglio Force, also known as Force 99, Force 2002, EAA Witness Polymer or EAA Witness P-Carry, is a modified clone of the Czech CZ-75/CZ-85 semi-automatic pistol. It is made in Gardone Val Trompia near Brescia, Italy by Fratelli Tanfoglio S.N.C.

What is tanfoglio witness?

Does EAA make good revolvers?

EAA Windicator Performance Like any good revolver, these are powerful, yet maintain a decent control. Shooting . 357 Magnum is no small thing, but the rubber grips do a pretty good job of boosting handling and overall ergonomics.

How accurate is the EAA Witness?

The Witness uses the slide-in-frame design that makes for a very smooth-running and accurate pistol. The Witness shown here, chambered in 45 ACP, was amazingly accurate for a production pistol. EAA also has some match-grade versions of the Witness, but I do not see how they could be any more accurate than this fighting pistol.

What kind of ammo does an EAA Witness come in?

Besides the popular 9mm variety, EAA Witness pistols also come chambered in 10mm, .45, .38 Super, .40 S&W, and even a .22 Kadet model. All the EAA Witness models are based on the same frame, interestingly enough.

How many rounds are in the witness 45 ACP?

Holding eleven rounds of 45 ACP, the Witness, loaded up with high-performance Plus P ammunition, is ready for a fight, should the need arise. The Witness has an integral accessory rail, for those who like to attach a light or laser sight to the pistol.

How does the EAA Witness compare to the CZ-75?

Anyone who has ever shot a CZ-75 knows how comfortable it feels in the hands. Similar to the CZ, the EAA Witness can be fired in double or single-action mode. The trigger, especially set in double-action, breaks at a very heavy 13 pounds, but it’s a pretty smooth operator.