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What does Involucrated mean?

What does Involucrated mean?

(ĭn′və-lo͞o′kər) n. A group of one or more whorls of bracts beneath a flower or flower cluster. [French, from Latin involūcrum, wrapper, envelope; see involucrum.]

What is Involucre botany?

noun. Botany. a collection or rosette of bracts subtending a flower cluster, umbel, or the like. a covering, especially a membranous one. GOOSES.

What is Involucre flower?

Bracts that appear in a whorl subtending an inflorescence are collectively called an involucre. An involucre is a common feature beneath the inflorescences of many Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Dipsacaceae and Polygonaceae. Each flower in an inflorescence may have its own whorl of bracts, in this case called an involucel.

What is Epicalyx flower?

Epicalyx is an additional whorl around the calyx of a flower. It is a group of bracteoles forming the outer whorl of the calyx. Bracteoles are thin leafy or scaly structures on the stalk of the flower. It is present between bracts and calyx.

What peduncle means?

Definition of peduncle 1 : a stalk bearing a flower or flower cluster or a fructification. 2 : a narrow part by which some larger part or the whole body of an organism is attached : stalk, pedicel. 3 : a narrow stalk by which a tumor or polyp is attached.

What is the function of Involucre?

1. A whorl of bracts around or beneath a condensed inflorescence, such as a capitulum or umbel. It resembles and performs the function of the calyx of a single simple flower.

What is bracteate and Bracteolate?

Bract is a small leaf that arises from the pedicel. The leaf-like structure present between the flower and the bract is called bracteole.

What is bracteate and Ebracteate flower?

Flowers with bracts i.e. reduced leaf found at the base of the pedicel are called bracteate flowers, and ebracteate flowers are the flowers without bracts. Bracts are small leaf-like structures present at the base of a flower.

What is calyx and epicalyx?

Answer: the CALYX is the name for all the sepals together, and the sepals are the outermost section of the flower parts, are often green, and support and protect the flower petals as they unfold at the end of the flower stem. The EPICALYX is a section of structures similar to the sepals, but outside them.

What is the other name of peduncle?

What is another word for peduncle?

stalk shoot
stock bine
cane pedicel
reed twig
axis bough

What does non Pedunculated mean?

Sessility is the state of not having a peduncle; a sessile mass or structure lacks a stalk. In medicine, a mass such as a cyst or polyp is said to be pedunculated if it is supported by a peduncle.