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What does NW stand for in flanges?

What does NW stand for in flanges?

The ISO standard quick release flange is known by the names Quick Flange (QF), Klein Flansche (KF, German which translates to “Small flange” in English) or NW, sometimes also as DN.

What does KF40 mean?

Klein Flange (DN/NW/KF ISO‐KF)

NW/KF standard size Internal diameter (mm) External diameter (mm)
NW/KF16 16 30
NW/KF25 25 40
NW/KF40 40 55
NW/KF50 50 75

What is KF flange?

KF flanges are ISO-standardized vacuum fittings that provide a vacuum seal by compressing a rubber O-ring between two mating surfaces. Also referred to as NW, QF, or DN flanges, KF flanges are ideal for quickly assembling vacuum systems thanks to their ease of use, maintenance, and reusability.

What is KF connection?

ISO-KF Connection. The ISO-KF connection (to DIN 28 403 and ISO 2861) permits rapid fitting and replacement of components in vacuum systems. It consists of two symmetrical ISO-KF flanges (1), a cen- tering ring with O-ring gasket (2) and a clamping ring (3).

What is KF40 size?


KF16/30mm Tube OD: 3/4″, Flange OD: 1.18″
KF25/40mm Tube OD: 1″, Flange OD: 1.57″
KF40/55mm Tube OD: 1-1/2″, Flange OD: 2.16″
KF50/75mm Tube OD: 2″, Flange OD: 2.95″

Whats does NW mean?

NW is a written abbreviation for north-west. …

What is DN in flange size?

DN stands for diametre nominal, which denotes the size of a pipe (specifically, its inside diameter) in millimeters (mm). NPS, or nominal pipe size, is merely the non-metric equivalent in which the diameter is measured in inches (in.).

What does dn80 mean?

Diameter nominal (DN) is used in the metric unit system. It indicates standard pipe size when followed by the specific size designation number without a millimeter symbol. For example, DN 80 is the equivalent designation of NPS 3.

What are the dimensions of the CF flanges?

They are 21/8″ (1″ diameter tube), 33/8″ (2″), 45/8″ (3″), 63/4″ (5″). For other dimensions, see the ordering tables on this site. CF flanges (with identical O.D.s up to 10″ inclusive) from different (reputable) manufacturers will almost certainly seal.

What are plate nuts for CF flanges?

Figure 4: Plate Nuts for CF Flanges Plate Nuts These are metal plates with two threaded holes, shaped to match the corresponding CF flange’s bolt hole patterns and replace the individual nuts (Figure 4).

What type of gasket is used for CF flanges?

Metal gaskets are impermeable to gases and withstand moderately high temperatures indefinitely. The normal gaskets for stainless steel CF flanges are punched from 1/4 hard, high purity, oxygen-free (OFHC) copper stock. The gaskets are then chemically cleaned and processed to minimize scratches and burrs.

Which CF flanges are compatible with ISO 3669?

Magnetic permeability: 1.01 CF flanges DN 16 to DN 250 are compatible with ISO 3669:2020. For larger nominal sizes different flange dimensions are still in use.