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What does sumaira mean?

What does sumaira mean?

What is the meaning of Sumaira? Sumaira is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Sumaira name meanings is Successful, Brownish, Diminutive of Samra.

What is the lucky number of sumaira?

Sumaira Name Meaning

Name Sumaira
Meaning Brownish
Gender Girl
Lucky Number 2
Language Hindi

What does Sumera mean in Urdu?

The meaning of Sumera is ‘Brownish, Aik malika ka naam. ‘ The meaning of Sumera in Urdu Language and written like ‘سمیرا’. Sumera meaning in Islam. Sumera Origin / Usage is ‘ Arabic Baby Names ‘ .

Is sumaira a Hindu name?

Sumaira is Baby girl name and is of origin indian. Person having name Sumaira are mainly hindu by religion.

What is the meaning of samaira in Islam?

(Samaira Pronunciations) Gender : girl. Origin : Indian, Muslim. Samaira Meaning: Goddess of Beauty; Enchanting; Reality; Girl of Shine; Destiny; Musical; Beautiful; Fashionable.

What does Sumira mean in Islam?

Samira (also spelled Samirah, Sameera, and Sameerah /sæˈmiːrə/, Arabic: سميرة is an Arabic female given name. It is derived from the root s-m-r (‘to spend the night in talking’), ultimately meaning night-companion, entertaining companion, the one with lively conversation. The masculine version of this name is Samir.

What is the meaning of Sunaira?

Sunaira is Iranian Girl name and meaning of this name is “Beautiful”. Based on numerology value 2, Sunaira is Cooperative, Sensitive, Adaptive, Passive, Diplomatic, Peaceful, Warm, excellent partner, kind, balance, friendly, tactful and diplomatic.Below is some points about the name Sunaira based on numerology value –

What is meaning of Yasmeen in Urdu?

(Yasmeen Pronunciations) Arabic Meaning: The name Yasmeen is an Arabic baby name. In Arabic the meaning of the name Yasmeen is: Jasmine flower.

What is meaning Samira in Arabic?

night-companion, entertaining companion

Is samaira a Punjabi name?

Samaira is Sikh/Punjabi Girl name and meaning of this name is “A Piece of Moon”.