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What does Tea Tree Mint scalp treatment do?

What does Tea Tree Mint scalp treatment do?

OGX extra strength healthy scalp + tea tree mint scalp treatment lightweight formula helps remove buildup and leaves your scalp tingly and happy and your hair shiny and healthy-looking.

Is OGX Mint good for your hair?

It’s often added to invigorate the scalp, which is great for those suffering from dandruff and a dry scalp because the oil of peppermint can gently exfoliate and slosh away excess dry skin.

Is Teatree mint shampoo good for your hair?

Because of their natural antibacterial and natural deep-cleaning properties, they work to help unclog blocked hair follicles that have become stuck by product buildup, dead skin cells, dirt, oil and other impurities that can disrupt the natural hair growth process and lead to dandruff and scalp irritation.

Does OGX tea tree have sulfates?

OGX Hydrating + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo, Nourishing & Invigorating Scalp Shampoo with Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil & Milk Proteins, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free Surfactants, 19.5 fl.

How do you use OGX tea tree scalp treatment?

After cleansing, towel dry hair. Press product tip directly to scalp and apply a small amount. Work through hair, section by section, while massaging product on scalp. Do not rinse out.

Is OGX tea tree shampoo good for dry hair?

With a lightweight and sulfate-free formula, this refreshing shampoo is a great haircare product for dry and coarse hair, curly hair, frizzy hair and color treated hair types. Apply, wash, rinse and repeat from the scalp to the ends of your hair and follow up your routine with OGX Hydrating Tea Tree Mint Conditioner.

Is Tea Tree Mint shampoo good for oily hair?

An invigorating treatment for oily and sensitive scalps, the Tea Tree Special Shampoo gently washes away impurities while leaving strands feeling refreshed and thoroughly cleansed.

Is Tea Tree Mint good for hair loss?

– Prevents hair loss As tea tree oil is effective in soothing the scalp and treating dandruff, it can also prevent excessive hair fall. Dandruff and excess sebum can block hair follicles, making hair roots weak and resulting in hair fall.

What is the best scalp treatment?

7 of the best scalp treatments for better hair

  • Scalp treatment – The shampoo.
  • Scalp treatment – The mask.
  • Scalp treatment – The exfoliating serum.
  • Scalp treatment – The physical scrub.
  • Scalp treatment – The vitamin C powerhouse.
  • Scalp treatment – The leave-in treatment.
  • Scalp treatment – The dry shampoo.

Is tea tree oil good for hair?

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil for Hair Its antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties make it a potent treatment for dandruff, improving overall scalp health. Healthy hair and new growth start at the scalp, so improving your scalp health should be the first step in any attempt to increase hair growth.