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What does upside down page of swords mean?

What does upside down page of swords mean?

When pulled in reverse: In reverse, the Page of Swords in a career reading suggests an unwillingness to look at something from a new, or at least a different, perspective. Maybe you’ve become jaded, have grown tired of the mundane, or even feel like you’ll always be in financial trouble, Vanderveldt explains.

What does an upside down Queen of Wands mean in tarot?

The queen of wands reversed meaning If you do wish to read reversals, Rose says the card can represent someone who is confident and well-spoken but perhaps has different intentions that come from a space of manipulation, pursuit of power, and focus on what they can get rather than give back.

What is the meaning of the Queen of Swords?

The Queen of Swords traditionally corresponds to the roles of widow, crone, and divorcée. She is seen to have very high standards and can be highly critical of herself and others.

What does the upside down King of Swords mean in tarot?

When pulled in reverse: If you pulled the King of Swords in reverse in a career reading, you could be feeling stifled on the communication front, or even doubtful of yourself.

What does the Page of Swords reversed mean in a love reading?

So from the most general standpoint, Vermilyea says that the meaning of a reversed page of swords in tarot could hint at any of the below: Someone refusing to grow up. Someone who’s no longer fighting. Someone who has relieved themselves of altruism. Someone stuck in the past.

What do swords represent in tarot?

Typically, wands symbolize creativity and passion, swords symbolize intellect, pentacles symbolize work and money, and cups symbolize emotion. There are other groupings here, too; each suit is also aligned with a grouping of astrological signs, such that wands = fire, swords = air, pentacles = Earth, and cups = water.

What does the Queen of Wands in reverse mean in a love reading?

When pulled in reverse: To pull the Queen of Wands in reverse here signals those themes of confidence and passion may feel less accessible to you. Vanderveldt says this presents you with the opportunity to clear out “excess dramatics” and rather “focus on what puts a spark in a relationship for you.”

Is Queen of Wands reversed yes or no?

The Queen of Wands in a Yes or No reading appears when the answer you seek is a definite yes. Be confident in your next move.

Does the Queen of Swords mean yes or no?

Queen of Swords Meaning. The Queen of Swords in the upright position is a good omen. This card signifies a positive woman that will support you through the hard times in your life. She is patient and understanding and will help you to see the positive things in your life.

What number does the queen of swords represent?

Queen of Swords Correspondences

Elemental Water of Air. Queens are water, the suit is air
Timing Rules 10 of Pentacles; 2 of Swords; 3 of Swords
Qabalah Binah in Tiphareth
Numerical Values 4 – card counting value / letters of the Tetragrammaton
3 – Tree of Life sephira – Binah

What does the King of Swords mean in a career reading?

Career Meaning – Upright King of Swords The King of Swords is someone with high standards, and demonstrates them in his own work. Though they may seem a bit stern, this person acts this way to make sure you achieve your career goals. They challenge you to be your best self, while remaining true to their own principles.

Is Page of Swords a positive card?

The Page of Swords is a messenger card that has a positive message beneath its strong imagery. This card might represent the part of you who is wild and free. Or like other court cards, it may represent someone else in your life, someone full of youth, or at the very least, young at heart.

What happens when the Queen of Swords reversed?

When reversed, the Queen of Swords can also be quite bitter, coldhearted, or resentful. You may have started to isolate yourself for a number of reasons, but the outside world could be taking this in the wrong way. You may have some explaining to do, especially if your relationships end up being stressed by your desire for solitude.

What does the Queen of swords look like?

The Queen of Swords wears a stern look as she sits high on the throne – looking off into the distance. A queen of the air element that the swords represents, her place in the clouds shows that no one can trick or fool her.

What is a upright queen of swords in tarot?

Upright Queen of Swords. The Queen of Swords combines the mental clarity and intellectual power of the suit of Swords with the maturity and receptiveness of the Queen. You have the gift of being able to use your intellect and unbiased judgement while also remaining flexible and open to receive input from other sources.

What does the Queen of Swords card mean spiritually?

The Queen of Swords represents the sternness of a mature intellect which is devoid of emotion. In mythology, the feminine is associated with emotion, yet in this card the woman is stern and composed, and without much feeling. The Queen of Swords also has an innate ability to tell it like it is.