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What does XTP mean in a bullet?

What does XTP mean in a bullet?

eXtreme Terminal Performance
Designed for hunting, self-defense and law enforcement applications, the XTP® bullet demonstrates the kind of accuracy that led many competitive shooters to adopt it. Reliable performance makes the XTP® the most popular handgun bullet for both target shooters and hunters.

Are XTP bullets any good?

Hornady’s XTP bullet excels at both penetration and expansion–with outstanding accuracy. The 9mm XTP provides consistent half-inch or better expansion, with penetration that meets FBI protocols with ease. Most bullets have a single best use.

Who makes XTP bullets?

Hornady® XTP® Pistol Bullets offer great performance and controlled expansion over a wide range of velocities – great for hunting and competitive shooting. Features no exposed lead, a swaged core, cannelure, hollow point, and drawn copper jacket.

What is TMJ round?

A total metal jacket bullet or TMJ ammo is a bullet that is fully encapsulated by a jacket. Shooters use these rounds for range training as they have similar ballistic properties to full metal jacket or “ball” ammo.

Is the 147 XTP a good bullet?

With regard to the 147 XTP, it’s a solid bullet, but I prefer to work with the Underwood loading at 1125 FPS. The XTP has a wide velocity range for proper expansion, and in similar weights will out-penetrate the HST or Gold Dot the greatest majority of the time.

What is the penetration of the Underwood 147 XTP?

The Underwood 147 XTP was tested off-camera in clear gel, which generally exhibits much greater penetration for non-fragmenting ammo. In this case, with 4LD, I ran 5 shots and all were in the 17 to 20″ range. Expansion was slightly less than with SIM-TEST, since clear gel isn’t as dense.

Why is the Hornady XTP round so unpopular?

The XTP gets discredited because by design they don’t expand more than 1.5X original diameter, and Hornady chooses not to promote it as a barrier-blind round, which is one of the catchphrases for selling ammo these days.

Do you prefer 147 grain or 357sig rounds?

I do prefer the 147-grain Hornady .357sig round in my pistol chambered for that caliber. It is trash, send them all to me. Click to expand… Don’t have any, pal. Sorry. I use the 147 grain cast 9mm bullets at 800 ft/sec for use with a suppressor. If you need high velocity slugs, the usual route would be to select a lighter projectile.