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What episode does Zola return?

What episode does Zola return?

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 17 Episode 13: Zola Comes to Mer’s Rescue (RECAP)

What episode does Zola come back in season 8?

Season 8, Episode 10: Adopting Zola. Welcoming Zola into the family marks a new chapter in Meredith’s life.

What is the episode 300 of GREY’s anatomy?

But, Grey’s Anatomy proved with its Tuesday night episode “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story” the buff supernatural teens of Beacon Hills haven’t seen anything yet. The Grey’s season 14 episode marked the Shondaland drama’s 300th episode.

Why did Jo Wilson leave Greys?

After helping deliver a baby, Jo realized that surgery no longer made her feel fulfilled and decided to switch specialties to pediatrics. In the process, she became very attached to Luna, an infant whose mother she cared for before she died.

What episode does Zola first appear in season 7?

Season 7 episode 20 Dr. Derek Shepherd and Zola | Anatomy, Greys anatomy, Grey’s anatomy.

Who played Zola in season 8?

The new little girl cast to be the daughter of Meredith and Derek was Aniela Gumbs. Gumbs is now ten years old but was not even five yet when she took on the role of Zola. This role was her first significant acting role and served as her breakthrough into the industry.

Who lives who dies GREY’s anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Episode 7, “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story,” is a celebration of the series as a whole. It harkens back to lighter tones from Season 1, it remembers nearly every main character who has died or otherwise left the series, and it reminds us of the strength of Meredith Grey.

What happens to Zola in GREY’s Anatomy season 7?

Six-month old Zola (Jela K. Moore) ends up at Grey Sloan to get surgery for her spina bifida. Meredith and Derek immediately fall for her and decide to adopt her.

Did Ellen Pompeo’s daughter play Zola?

Twins played Meredith’s daughter, Zola from season 7 to 11 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ When Zola first arrived at Seattle Grace Hospital, she was played by twin baby girls, Jela K. Moore and Jael Moore. The girls are identical twins.