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What fish are in season in the James river?

What fish are in season in the James river?

Fishing is good for bluegill, and other species such as smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, redbreast sunfish, and channel catfish may be caught as well. The river is deep enough to use a prop motor downstream of the ramp but rocks limit safely taking a prop boat upstream of the boat ramp.

What fish are biting now in the James river?

Smallmouth bass are the dominant game species, but spotted and large mouth bass can also be caught. Other species are also plentiful in the James River, including channel catfish, flathead catfish, and various sunfish species (redbreast, bluegill, and rock bass).

What’s the best bait to use in the James river?

Use fresh cut bait (various species of the shad family) in deep holes, on shallow flats, along dropoffs, and all sorts of other places. The river is full of blue catfish, and if you keep trying different locations, you’ll find some.

What fish is running at James River pier?

About James River Bridge Fishing Pier Croaker and spot are caught year-round, while striped bass, flounder, grey trout and red drum are caught seasonally.

Are there eels in the James river?

Forest Service research charts an amazing journey. “Eel wrangler” holding American eel found in recent survey of James River in Virginia.

Is the James river freshwater or saltwater?

The bay is an estuary, an area where fresh water flowing from land meets salt water from the sea. Scientists consider the bay to consist of its main part near the coast as well as its tidal tributaries, so that would include the James up to Richmond. The James’ water remains fresh until just below Hopewell.

Is the James River freshwater or saltwater?

Where is the best place to catfish on the James River?

Some of Jones’ favorite catfish lairs are the 295-bridge area on the main stem of the river, Deep Bottom, Hopewell and the Benjamin Harrison Bridge area. The Hopewell area and the Benjamin Harrison Bridge are located near the mouth of the Appomattox River, which is the home of the former state-record blue cat.

Are there lamprey in the James River?

Lamprey. The lamprey seems like something out of a horror movie: a sucker-like mouth with sharp teeth arranged in a circle that attaches to prey and sucks blood. Thankfully, lampreys are only in the James between March and June to breed.

Are there catfish in the James River?

Catfishing on the James River in Virginia can be a fishing trip of a lifetime. Trophy blue catfish are caught on a daily basis. And according to Bob Greenlee, district fisheries biologist for VDGIF( Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries ), the James River is now a nationally recognized blue catfish fishery.

Are there sharks in the James river in Virginia?

Here in Virginia, we probably don’t have too much occasion to keep double-checking for dorsal fins in the James. Morrissey notes that the bull shark is not common in our waters, preferring tropical and subtropical regions (a preference that, following this past winter, quite a few Virginians likely share).

What kind of fishing is there in the James River?

The James River offers a wide range of fishing opportunities and environments. While the Smallmouth bass is the dominant game species in the river, spotted and largemouth bass can also be caught.

Is there a bass fishing tournament in the James River?

The tidal James River system supports a nationally recognized largemouth bass fishery, and was the site of previous Bass Master Classics and the 2003 FLW Tour Championship. In 2016, the Priority Fishing Series will hold 6 tournaments out of Osbourne Landing in addition to their 2-day Classic on October 1 & 2.

Do I need a fishing license to fish the James River?

Please remember to purchase a fishing license if you plan to do any fishing on the James River. All fishermen 16 and older will need to purchase a fresh water fishing license from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

Can you fish the James River in Botetourt County?

James River Fishing. Along the James River in Botetourt County, you will find some of the finest fishing opportunities in the entire state of Virginia. The Jackson and Cowpasture Rivers come together in the northern section of Botetourt County to create the James River, which then makes its way across the state to the Chesapeake Bay.