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What guidance does the EPA give in terms of water finances?

What guidance does the EPA give in terms of water finances?

EPA announces the Proposed 2022 Clean Water Act (CWA) Financial Capability Assessment (FCA) Guidance. The proposed guidance outlines strategies for communities to support affordable utility rates while planning investments in water infrastructure that are essential for CWA implementation.

What is Wifia?

The Water Infrastructure and Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) is a federal credit program administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for eligible water and wastewater infrastructure projects.

How is water affordability calculated?

Calculate the indicator’s value by dividing the number of households capable of purchasing the minimum amount of water they need by the number of interviewed respondents and multiplying the result by 100.

What is an SRF loan?

A state revolving fund (SRF) is a fund administered by a U.S. state for the purpose of providing low-interest loans for investments in water and sanitation infrastructure (e.g., sewage treatment, stormwater management facilities, drinking water treatment), as well as for the implementation of nonpoint source pollution …

What is the WIIN act?

WIIN Act (Water Infrastructure Improvements for the Nation) To provide for improvements to the rivers and harbors of the United States, to provide for the conservation and development of water and related resources, and for other purposes.

What is a water fund?

Water Funds are organizations that design and promote financial and governance mechanisms, engaging public, private, and civil society stakeholders in order to contribute to water security through solutions grounded on nature-based infrastructure and sustainable management of watersheds.

What is water accessibility?

DEFINITION. Drinking water from an improved source that is accessible at home, available when needed, and free from fecal and priority chemical contamination.

What is water microbiological quality?

Microbial water quality is a measure of the microbiological conditions of water related to human and animal health requirements. Research into microbial water quality addresses it as a multifaceted issue.