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What happened after Kepa refused to come off?

What happened after Kepa refused to come off?

Kepa Arrizabalaga has finally given his account regarding a controversial decision to refuse to leave the field of play in the Carabao Cup Final against Manchester City in 2019. The shot-stopper refused to be substituted under Maurizio Sarri, with Willy Caballero ready to come on.

What happened with Kepa Arrizabalaga?

Arrizabalaga openly defied an order from then-Blues boss Maurizio Sarri at the end of extra time and remained on the pitch for the ensuing shootout — a “misunderstanding” that saw him fined and dropped. Kepa Arrizabalaga refusing to come off in 2019 League Cup final before losing the penalty shootout.

Did Chelsea win the game when Kepa refused to come off?

Can Kepa right his wrong? The Chelsea goalkeeper famously refused to come off before the 2019 Carabao Cup final shootout and the Blues lost… but now the £71m shot-stopper has a chance at redemption.

Did Kepa save any penalty against Southampton?

With seconds left to go before the end of the match and penalty shoot-out, Kepa pulled off a fine save to deny Saints defender Lyanco from a corner before denying Salisu from the resulting corner.

Which goalkeeper refused to be substituted?

goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga
Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga has opened up on how he felt after he refused to be substituted under Maurizio Sarri’s reign. The incident happened in the final of the Carabao Cup back in 2019 when Sarri called for Kepa to be replaced by substitute goalkeeper Willy Caballero for the imminent penalty shoot out.

Is Kepa Arrizabalaga good?

It’s a bar a £72m goalkeeper should be able to reach but Kepa is not, and never has been, a £72m goalkeeper. He is a good goalkeeper though, who has proven in the last month he’s more than a specialist spot-kick stopper. He is really bloody good at that though.

Who missed the penalty for Chelsea?

Thomas Tuchel: Mason Mount’s Chelsea penalty miss in FA Cup Final changes nothing – Sports Illustrated Chelsea FC News, Analysis and More.

Who is better between Kepa and Mendy?

The Spaniard conceded eight goals in 13 (0.61 goals per game) while Mendy has shipped in 18 goals in 26 games at a rate of 0.69 per game, giving Kepa the slight edge. It gets more interesting when one considers saves. The former Athletic Bilbao shot-stopper has made 41 saves compared to Mendy, who has 62 saves.

Can a player refuse to be subbed?

Although there are no legal repercussions to refusing a substitution, it could seriously impact the player’s career going forward. Depending on how the coach feels, he may sideline the player for as long as he decides to. The player’s influence on the team may also be a factor.

Why did Kepa come on?

Kepa was brought on in place of first-choice goalkeeper Edouard Mendy for the shootout – as he was, successfully, for August’s Super Cup penalty shootout win over Villarreal – but skied the decisive penalty of Sunday’s final at Wembley after failing to save any of Liverpool’s 11 attempts, handing the Carabao Cup to …

Is Kepa the best penalty saver?

Overall that means that Kepa has a success rate of 68.8 per cent against him when combining both in-game and shootout penalties, with Liverpool’s 11 spot-kicking lifting that to 73.3 per cent. That is still massively favourable to Mendy, who has an 82.2 per cent success rate against him in penalty situations.

How much did Chelsea pay for Kepa?

Not the one it expected, however. Not that it cares a great deal either. When the London club forked out €80 million ($91 million) to make Spanish stopper Kepa Arrizabalaga the most expensive goalkeeper ever, it expected big things.

Which ex-England goalkeeper became a Coventry police officer?

England and Small Heath (later Birmingham City) keeper Charles Charsley, for example, became Chief Constable of Coventry after he retired from the game. He wasn’t the only one… Tommy Cornthwaite, who kept goal for Bury on 89 occasions between 1919 and 1923, was a part-time player and policeman.

Are goalkeepers as vulnerable as outfield players?

Bestie, Mooro, Tony Adams, even Pelé, have spent time behind bars – although in Pelé’s case it was as a prisoner of war in the film ‘Escape to Victory’! – and when it comes to landing themselves in trouble, goalies are just as vulnerable as their outfield colleagues and a fair few goalkeepers have been arrested over the years.

Why was Cameroon goalkeeper coach Thomas Nkono arrested?

Cameroon’s goalkeeping coach Thomas Nkono was arrested before Cameroon’s African Nations Cup semi-final against Mali by Malian policeman at pitchside in 2002. Police suspected Nkono of having thrown a gri-gri (black magic charm) onto the playing field.

What happened to former Sunderland goalkeeper Tony Norman?

After hanging up his gloves, former Sunderland, Hull City and Wales goalkeeper Tony Norman became a policeman in County Durham but was forced to retire at the age of 47 after being diagnosed with a rare heart condition called cardiomyopathy.