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What happened in 1962 between India and China?

What happened in 1962 between India and China?

The Sino-Indian War between China and India occurred in October–November 1962. A disputed Himalayan border was the main cause of the war. There had been a series of violent border skirmishes between the two countries after the 1959 Tibetan uprising, when India granted asylum to the Dalai Lama.

Who won 1962 India China?

In 1962, India was badly defeated by the Chinese, losing the Aksai Chin region of Ladakh in a matter of days. Unlike in other border zones where the Chinese whipped the Indians, China did not withdraw from its gains. China took almost 15,000 square miles of what had been India in Aksai Chin, and has kept it ever since.

Who won the 1965 Indo China war?

This time, India’s victory was nearly total: India accepted cease-fire only after it had occupied 740 square miles [1,900 km2], though Pakistan had made marginal gains of 210 square miles [540 km2] of territory. Despite the obvious strength of the Indian wins, both countries claim to have been victorious.

What was the 1962 India-China war all about?

Various border conflicts and “military incidents” between India and China flared up throughout the summer and autumn of 1962. In May, the Indian Air Force was told not to plan for close air support, although it was assessed as being a feasible way to counter the unfavourable ratio of Chinese to Indian troops.

What happened on 10 July 1962 in India vs China?

On 10 July 1962, 350 Chinese troops surrounded an Indian post in Chushul (north of the McMahon Line) but withdrew after a heated argument via loudspeaker. On 22 July, the Forward Policy was extended to allow Indian troops to push back Chinese troops already established in disputed territory.

Why did India send mountain troops to invade China in 1962?

During June–July 1962, Indian military planners began advocating “probing actions” against the Chinese, and accordingly, moved mountain troops forward to cut off Chinese supply lines. According to Patterson, the Indian motives were threefold: Test Chinese resolve and intentions regarding India.

Why did Nehru think China would not attack India in 1962?

The one-month long war was fought only by the Indian Armed Forces. Retired Air Commodore Ramesh Phadke in an article asserts that it was a “disconnect between the military and civilian political leadership” and “the inexplicable reluctance to talk to the military leadership” which caused Nehru to think that the Chinese would not attack India.