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What happened to Aoba in Buddy Complex?

What happened to Aoba in Buddy Complex?

After Hina was put into the experimental Coupling cockpit, she was sent to the future, and went through all the events the present Aoba had went through. During a fight against Bizon (in his Nebiros), she and Bizon were sent through the time tunnel in Alaska.

Does Aoba and Hina get together?

Bizon took her back and tried to couple with her which was painful to her as she rejected the coupling, but Hahn’s Coupling Valiancers did not required consent from the couplers and she was about to be forced into coupling. Aoba proposed to couple and she accepted.

Who is Dio in Buddy Complex?

Dio Junyou Weinberg (隼鷹・ディオ・ウェインバーグ ) is the deuteragonist in the Buddy Complex anime. He is pilot of the XV-7102 Bradyon NEXT Valiancer, as well as an Ensign and member of the Cygnus’ Valiancer Unit.

Is Buddy Complex a good anime?

HINA HINA HINA!!!! And seeing how Aoba and Dio slowly become good buddy is really fun, like how they always quarrel with each other but still care about one another. Other character in the anime are also well developed. All the coupling scene is damn nice!…Reviews.

Overall 6
Animation 6
Sound 7
Character 3
Enjoyment 6

Does Buddy Complex have a happy ending?

Yeah it is a happy ending.

Who is Yumihara in Buddy Complex?

Yumihara Hina?) is the main heroine of the Buddy Complex anime. She is a highly skilled Ensign -ranked Valiancer pilot. Upon entry into the series, she was introduced as Aoba Watase ‘s classmate who was revealed to have come from the future and enrolled in the same high school as Aoba, to protect him from a threat from the future.

Who is Watase Aoba in Buddy Complex?

Aoba Watase (渡瀬 青葉, Watase Aoba ) is the main protagonist of the Buddy Complex anime television series. Initially a student at Seio High School, he was sent to the future by his classmate Hina Yumihara.

Is Aoba compatible with the coupling system?

She is extremely compatible with the Coupling System, her waveform like Aoba is 100%, and was chosen to be a coupler by Doctor Hahn who went as far as drugging and brainwashing her to force her to become a coupler. Coupling with Aoba caused a release of energy similar to a Code T2 Rise, just because they were close to each other.

How did Aoba get his waveform to match the standard?

He was then briefed with Dio and Fromm by Elvira and Mayuka who had discovered Aoba was perfectly compatible with the coupling system. His waveform matches the standard by 100% but coupling with him causes his buddy’s waveform to deviate from the standard.