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What happened to Blues Traveler band?

What happened to Blues Traveler band?

Blues Traveler has canceled the remainder of its 2021 tour dates including its appearance at Sunfest. The band was to headline the Saturday evening of Sunfest. The band’s cancelation is due to an injury frontman John Popper suffered while in a bus crash Aug. 19.

Who is the singer for Blues Traveler?

John PopperBlues Traveler / Singer

What song did Blues Traveler play on Roseanne?

Once Dan comes off the stage, and he is with Roseanne at the bar and the camera starts to pull out of the shot, the song John Popper and the Blues Travelers start to play is entitled Run-Around, which was also written by John Popper.

Does John Popper still tour?

Remainder of 2021 Tour Dates Are Cancelled We are very sad to announce the cancellation of the remainder of our 2021 tour dates, due to the injury John Popper sustained in our recent bus accident.

Who plays the sax on Roseanne theme song?

Gary Herbig, a great LA session musician played the theme from Roseanne . That is one great husky tenor tone, great bluesy playing.

Who was the harmonica player on Roseanne?

John Juke Logan
For seasons one through eight, the theme song was composed by Dan Foliart and Howard Pearl with Los Angeles-based musician John Juke Logan credited as the original harmonica player. In the ninth (and what was supposed to be final) season, that honor went to John Popper, frontman of the rock band Blues Traveler.

Is Blues Traveler a jam band?

MODESTO, Calif. — Blues Traveler is the rarest of musical acts — a jam band with a major chart hit.

Who is Blues Traveler?

Blues Traveler began its journey in 1987 as a high school garage band in Princeton, New Jersey. Initially, they were calling themselves The Establishment. After a few musician changes and recording some cassette tape demos, they changed their name to Blues Traveler.

When is the New Traveler’s Blues coming out?

New Album “Traveler’s Blues” & New Music Video for “Crazy” Out Now! We’re very happy to announce that our new album “Traveler’s Blues” will be released on July 30th. We recorded this album with Producer Matt Rollings in Nashville, TN last year.

Where did Blues Traveler play their first gigs?

The four-piece moved to New York City and played gigs at clubs around town. They landed a weekly Wednesday show at The Wetlands, a place known for fostering some of the greatest bands of the 1990s. Blues Traveler released their debut self-titled studio album in 1990.

When did Blues Traveler release the mountains win again?

First Appearance: This song is the opening track on Blues Traveler’s fifth album, Straight on Till Morning, released in 1997. About the Song: Bobby Sheehan, the band’s guitarist, wrote The Mountains Win Again. The studio version features Warren Haynes on slide guitar.