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What happened to Scorpius?

What happened to Scorpius?

In the end, former Peacekeeper Captain Bialar Crais ordered the Peacekeeper/Leviathan hybrid, Talyn, to Starburst inside the command carrier, destroying Scorpius’ ship and effectively ending the Peacekeeper wormhole project. Scorpius became an outcast.

Why did Erin leave Farscape?

It was later revealed to the crew that Aeryn had been on the Moya before, and was in fact one of the Peacekeepers responsible for the death of her previous pilot. Pilot was furious with Aeryn and ordered her to leave the ship, which Aeryn fully intended to do, ashamed of her past actions.

Is Scorpius evil Farscape?

Though not introduced until 19 episodes in, Scorpius becomes Farscape’s main villain and arguably one of the best villains in all of sci-fi.

Who killed Scorpius?

The legend of Scorpius and Orion has many different versions – the above is one of them. In another version, Scorpius is sent not by Gaia but by the goddess Artemis. In this version Orion attempted to ravish Artemis and as punishment, she sent the scorpion to kill him.

Is there romance in Farscape?

The true genius of Farscape, however, is found in its central romance, a blazingly hot pairing between the very human Crichton and a Sebacean named Aeryn Sun. (Sebaceans look a lot like humans, just with most of their emotional awareness and empathy bred out of them.)

Who is the blue alien in Farscape?

Virginia Hey
Virginia Hey (born 19 June 1952) is an Australian actress, known for her role as Pa’u Zotoh Zhaan in the science fiction television series Farscape, playing the “Warrior Woman” in Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, and various roles in television drama series, such as lawyer Jennifer St James in E Street.

What is that thing in Scorpius head?

The neuro biotracer chip was implanted in John Crichton’s brain by Scorpius to allow Scorpius to keep track of Crichton and ensue that he could be discovered by the Peacekeepers in future, in order to preserve the wormhole knowledge that he possessed.

Why does Scorpio Chase Orion?

Scorpio attacked Orion and stung him with his stinger. As a reward for his bravery and for saving the lives of all of the animals, Gaia placed Scorpio in the night sky. He is seen chasing Orion across the sky during the year.