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What happened to the Alternate Universe in Fringe?

What happened to the Alternate Universe in Fringe?

Walternate obtained a blood sample from Henry Dunham and activated The Vacuum. However, Peter stepped into the machine in the Prime Universe. While inside the machine, Peter saw a future in which he destroyed the Alternate Universe, as was his intention.

Why was Peter erased from the timeline?

Season summary Peter’s use of the Wave Form Device to create a bridge between the two universes has caused him to erase himself from the timeline; a new timeline, in which young Peter was not saved by September after falling through the ice of Reiden Lake in 1985 after Walter’s crossing, is set in motion.

How many timelines are there?

For everything that happens, every action you take or decide not to take, there are infinite other timelines — worlds, if we may — where something else took place. That’s the many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics.

Why is Charlie still alive in Fringe?

This was explained during its original airing. The Fox promos for that episode explained it as a ‘lost 1st season episode’. That’s why Charlie’s there, and there’s no attention drawn to his presence, as he was always around during season 1.

When does the timeline end in the alternate universe?

This timeline ends around 2026. The First People send the Machine back in time creating a time loop. It is never specified how many times this timeline loops, but it has looped at least once and may have looped an infinte number of times. Eventually, Peter closes the loops by making The Bridge instead of destroying the Alternate Universe.

What is the history of the timelines on fringe?

There are various Timelines on Fringe. While the history of the timelines is quite complex and hasn’t been fully explored on the show, the following is understood. The first timeline occurred naturally and is never seen on screen. Observers were created in 2167.

How many universes have there been in fringe?

There have only been two universes throughout Fringe, and four timelines; minor S3/S4 spoilers ahead: The primary story line takes place in the “prime” universe, which is effectively our universe at around the time the episode aired. There is a single primary “parallel” world, called the “alternate universe”.

How did the alternate universe come to be?

At an unknown point in time, William Bell crossed over into the Alternate Universe. From here, he gathered information to prepare for a coming war. By now, due to the publication of the ZFT Manifesto in the Prime Universe, it came to be accepted that only one universe would survive.