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What happened to The Paul Henry Show?

What happened to The Paul Henry Show?

At the end of 2014 an announcement was made that Paul Henry will move to presenting a morning news show and as a result this marked the end for The Paul Henry Show. The final show aired on 19 December 2014. The replacement evening show called Newsworthy replaced the late night show.

Who is Paul Henry’s partner?

Linzi DryburghPaul Henry / Spouse (m. 2009–2019)
Personal life. Henry is currently married to entrepreneur Diane Foreman. He was previously married to Rachael Hopes (née Orsman), with whom he had three children. Henry was also previously married to radio producer Linzi Dryburgh.

How old is Paul Henry?

About 75 years (1947)Paul Henry / Age

When did Paul Henry get married?

2009 (Linzi Dryburgh)Paul Henry / Wedding date

What happened to Paul Henry and Linzi?

“He chose to marry Linzi.” The source said Henry had ended his friendship with Foreman before proposing to Dryburgh. “Paul and Linzi have had such a long, tortured love affair and it’s really all terribly romantic. “This is so romantic.

Why did Paul Henry leave Crossroads?

“My time on Crossroads came to an end when I found it difficult working with a new producer who wanted to make changes.

Who are Paul Henrys daughters?

Bella Henry
Lucy HenrySophie Henry
Paul Henry/Daughters

How did Diane Foreman make her money?

Her first large-scale venture came about through her marriage to millionaire businessman Bill Foreman in 1988. She started working in his Hamilton plastics business, Trigon, before joining its board and then overseeing the sale of the business in 1996 for $130 million.

How much is Diane Forman worth?

about $180 million
Married at 18 and a solo parent of two children at 21, Foreman was barely able to pay her mortgage and was living day to day – a far cry from the woman today who is worth about $180 million and is widely acknowledged as one of New Zealand’s most entrepreneurial businesswomen.

Who is Paul Henry?

Paul Henry (11 April 1876 – 24 August 1958) was an Irish artist noted for depicting the West of Ireland landscape in a spare post-impressionist style.

What happened to Benny and Miss Diane from Crossroads?

Benny, played by Paul Henry, famously called Susan Hanson’s character Miss Diane and she taught him to read and write. Diane died of a brain haemorrhage in the motel, leaving Benny bereft.

Where was Crossroads Motel filmed?

The series was set in the fictional Crossroads Motel in the equally fictional suburb of Kings Oak – most likely an amalgam of the real area names Kings Norton and Selly Oak – with interior scenes shot at studios in Broad Street and Gas Street in Birmingham.