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What if imperfect Cell absorbed 18 first?

What if imperfect Cell absorbed 18 first?

Nothing would change. Cell was designed to absorb the Androids, and #17 just happened to be the closest and the one who actually confronted him. Both of them are components towards reaching his Perfect form, therefore both of them are merely interchangeable pieces of a puzzle to him.

Will a Cell absorb No 18?

Vegeta gains pride in his son for attacking him. Cell absorbs Android 18 and finally transforms into Perfect Cell.

Would semi-perfect Cell look different if he absorbed 18 first?

Even if he did take on elements of their physical nature, #17 and #18 are twins with very similar physiques and body builds, so any actual difference in Cell’s appearance would end up being extremely minor. Pretty much this.

What would happen if Cell absorbed 16?

16 is an Android made from nothing but parts, unlike 17 and 18 who are Androids make from part humans. Cell is able to absorb humans to get their energy, he would be unable to absorb 16. Otherwise Cell could just absorb cars and stuff. Otherwise Cell could just absorb cars and stuff.

Do cells absorb 17?

Summary. 17 is absorbed by Cell Android 16 beats Cell continuously, not letting up for a second, and appear evenly matched. He drives Cell into the ground so hard he creates a crater.

How does Android 18 come back to life?

When the Z-fighters summoned Shenron so that they could revive the people of Earth after Cell was defeated, they had an extra wish left. … Krillin asked Shenron to turn 17 and 18 back into humans, a gesture that caught the attention of 18 herself.

How did cell absorb 17 and 18?

The source of 17 and 18’s power comes from two different sets of self evolving programming code, which is why he keeps them in pods until he feels like letting them out. The longer time passes the more optimal the Android’s power becomes based on their evolving code.

Why did Gero make cells absorb 17 and 18?

Cell was always Dr. Gero’s endgame, so it stands to reason that 17 and 18 were created for the singular purpose of granting Cell greater strength than Gero could give him.

How did Cell absorb 17 and 18?

Why does Cell need 17 and 18?