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What is a bolt connector?

What is a bolt connector?

Contents. Connector – Bolt. A Bolt can connect two components, multiple components, or a component and the ground. You can define bolts through a mixed stack of solids, shells, and sheet metal bodies. You can also define a bolt by selecting entities of the same component.

What is a foundation bolt in Solidworks?

THE FIVE BOLTS AVAILABLE IN SOLIDWORKS SIMULATION SOFTWARE. SolidWorks Simulation can also simulate the behavior of a foundation bolt (or grounded bolt) that attaches a part to a virtual ground (which is infinitely stiff).

What is bolt preload?

Preload is the tension created in a fastener when it is tightened. This tensile force in the bolt creates a compressive force in the bolted joint known as clamp force. For practical purposes, the clamp force in an unloaded bolted joint is assumed to be equal and opposite of the preload.

Which of the following would a bolt connector be useful for?

Which of the following would a Bolt Connector be useful for? To replace bolts, washers, and nuts with a Simulation defined connection to simulate actual bolts, washers, and nuts for an analysis.

When should a spring connector be used?

You define a spring connector when you want to model actual springs in your simulation, for example, shock absorbers in an automotive suspension. Without spring connectors, you must model the actual geometry of the spring, mesh it, and impose necessary contact conditions.

How do you add a connection in Solidworks?

To add a connection point:

  1. Create a sketch point to use for locating the connection point. The location of the connection point defines the end of the adjoining routing segment; that is, the point where the pipe, tube or wiring begins or ends.
  2. Click Create Connection Point.
  3. Edit properties in the PropertyManager.
  4. Click .

What is a pin connector useful for Solidworks?

A Pin Connector connects a solid or a shell body to another solid or shell body. The selection entities can be cylindrical faces or circular edges from the same body or two different bodies.

What is global contact solidworks?

The Global Contact gets defined automatically when a multi-part or assembly study is defined. The type of the Global contact will be set to Bonded by default. It is recommended to leave this option as Bonded, as any component contact or local contact overrides the Global Contact set.

How is bolt preload calculated?

  1. • Bolt preload ensures that the mating. parts stay connected during the operation of the machine.
  2. • Calculate bolt preload as. =
  3. − where;
  4. External load. on the flanges.
  5. F+P. P.
  6. Total load on. the bolt.
  7. • Calculate the torque corresponding the bolt preload as. = × ×
  8. Type of bolt.