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What is a Jogless join in the round?

What is a Jogless join in the round?

Slip-Stitch Jogless Join. Use it when: you’re knitting stripes in many different colors. On the round of your color change, knit the first round as you normally would. When you get to round two, slip the first stitch of the round purlwise (wyif), then knit the rest of the round.

What is a jog in knitting?

Because knitting in the round is essentially a spiral of stitches, changing colors for stripes creates a “jog” or a vertical column of staggered lines.

What is Helix knitting?

Helix knitting is a technique that creates single-row stripes when knitting in the round when you have at least two different colors of yarn.

What is helical knitting?

How to jogless knitting in the round?

3 Methods for Jogless Knitting in the Round 1 Barber Pole#N#Use it when: you’re knitting single-row stripes#N#The idea behind this technique is your stripes work like… 2 Picking Up a Stitch#N#Use it when: you’re knitting two-color stripes#N#When you reach the end of each round, pick up a… 3 Slip-Stitch Jogless Join More

As such, your new color in the first stitch will be directly below the new color once you knit all the way around your work on your last stitch. This results in a very obvious color change that has a jagged look. In knitting, it’s called a jog.

How to knit stripes without jogs?

It’s actually quite easy to knit stripes without jogs and you only need to learn one stitch. I’m calling it K1tog RL – knit 1 stitch together right loop. Don’t be scared, it sounds awful technical but it’s actually super easy to knit.

What is knitting in the round?

Either on your circular or double-pointed needles, when changing yarn colors for horizontal stripes, this little trick will help keep your yarn change edges looking clean. Unlike knitting flat, where we stack the next row directly above the last each time we start a new row, knitting in the round is actually knitting one continuous spiral.