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What is a Lpcwstr?

What is a Lpcwstr?

An LPCWSTR is a 32-bit pointer to a constant string of 16-bit Unicode characters, which MAY be null-terminated.

What is a Tchar?

TCHAR is simply a macro that expands to char in ANSI builds (i.e. _UNICODE is not defined) and wchar_t in Unicode builds ( _UNICODE is defined). There are various string types based on the TCHAR macro, such as LPCTSTR (long pointer to a constant TCHAR string).

What is Lpcstr?

An LPCSTR is a 32-bit pointer to a constant null-terminated string of 8-bit Windows (ANSI) characters.

How do you convert Lpcwstr to string?

“lpcwstr to string c++” Code Answer

  1. int main.
  2. {
  3. std::string stringtoconvert;
  4. std::wstring temp = std::wstring(stringtoconvert. begin(), stringtoconvert. end());
  5. LPCWSTR lpcwstr = temp. c_str();
  6. }

What is Hmodule?

HMODULE. A handle to a module. The is the base address of the module in memory. HMODULE and HINSTANCE are the same in current versions of Windows, but represented different things in 16-bit Windows.

What is CComBSTR?

The CComBSTR class is a wrapper for BSTR s, which are length-prefixed strings. The length is stored as an integer at the memory location preceding the data in the string. A BSTR is null-terminated after the last counted character but may also contain null characters embedded within the string.

What is a Tchar in C++?

For multibyte character set : TCHAR stands for char (simple character of 1 byte) For Unicode character set: TCHAR stands for wchar (Wide character of 2 byte) For example : If your Visual Studio project setting have character set = Multi byte character set.

How do you convert Wstring to Lpcstr?

Simply use the c_str function of std::w/string . If LPCTSTR is const char* then there’s no reason you should be using std::wstring . Conversely, if you think you should be using std::wstring , set the UNICODE flag in your project options.

What is Lpword?

LPWORD. A pointer to a WORD. This type is declared in WinDef.h as follows: typedef WORD *LPWORD; LPWSTR.