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What is a normal lymphocyte percentage in child?

What is a normal lymphocyte percentage in child?

Normal Results Lymphocytes: 20% to 40%

What will happen if lymphocytes count is high?

If your doctor determines that your lymphocyte count is high, the test result might be evidence of one of the following conditions: Infection (bacterial, viral, other) Cancer of the blood or lymphatic system. An autoimmune disorder causing ongoing (chronic) inflammation.

Why would a child have low white blood cells?

A low white blood cell count usually is caused by: Viral infections that temporarily disrupt the work of bone marrow. Certain disorders present at birth (congenital) that involve diminished bone marrow function. Cancer or other diseases that damage bone marrow.

What does a low lymphocyte count mean in a child?

Lymphocytopenia, also referred to as lymphopenia, occurs when your lymphocyte count in your bloodstream is lower than normal. Severe or chronic low counts can indicate a possible infection or other signficant illness and should be investigated by your doctor. Lymphocytes are a kind of white blood cell.

What is considered high lymphocytes in child?

A count significantly higher than 3,000 lymphocytes in a microliter of blood is generally considered to be lymphocytosis in adults. In children, the threshold for lymphocytosis varies with age. It can be as high as 9,000 lymphocytes per microliter.

What does it mean when lymphocytes are high in kids?

High lymphocyte blood levels often indicate your body is dealing with an infection or other inflammatory condition. A spike in your lymphocytes typically means that these white blood cells are springing into action to rid your body of an invader that can make you sick.

Is low white blood count serious?

If the neutrophil count is very low, fewer than 500 neutrophils in a microliter of blood, it is called severe neutropenia. When the neutrophil count gets this low, even the bacteria normally living in a person’s mouth, skin, and gut can cause serious infections.

What is a dangerously low lymphocyte count?

Lymphocytopenia or lymphopenia is when you don’t have enough lymphocytes. If your lymphocyte count is less than 1,000 lymphocytes per microliter of blood, this is generally considered to be lymphocytopenia in adults. In children, a low lymphocyte count is when it’s less than 3,000 lymphocytes per microliter of blood.

When should I worry about high lymphocytes?

Lymphocytosis is when you have a higher than normal number of lymphocytes. Having a high lymphocyte count means that your body is fighting an infection. It’s usually temporary and harmless. It often goes away when your underlying condition improves.