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What is a salt pipe good for?

What is a salt pipe good for?

Salt pipes can be used in salt therapy, also known as halotherapy. Halotherapy is an alternative treatment of breathing salty air that, according to anecdotal evidence and some advocates of natural healing, may ease: respiratory conditions, such as allergies, asthma, and bronchitis.

How long do salt pipes last?

The Cisca Saltpipe comes filled with enough salt crystals to last up to 5 years based on daily usage. Originally developed specifically to aid breathing and address respiratory disorders, the Cisca Saltpipe has now also been found to improve overall well being.

Do salt pipes help sinusitis?

When inhaled, salt thins your mucus and makes it less sticky. So it’s easier to dislodge and expel. Dry salt particles also gently stimulate your body’s natural cilia movement within your sinuses. While cilia help keep our sinuses clear of mucus and dirt, inhaling salt accelerates this process.

How do you refill a salt pipe?

How do you use a salt inhaler?

  1. Open the unit by turning it upside down and removing the silicone plug.
  2. Fill the unit with Himalayan salt crystals.
  3. Replace the plug.
  4. Holding the unit upright, inhale through the mouth, exhale through the nose.

How often should you use a salt inhaler?

DO NOT EXHALE BACK THROUGH THE DEVICE. Do not add water, the inhaler is for dry therapy only. Recommended duration of usage is 15-25 minutes per day. Use regularly all year round for best results.

Can salt therapy be harmful?

Salt therapy is 100-percent natural, drug-free, and safe. It is often combined with other medical treatments and prescriptions (often reducing the amount of medication prescribed in treatment), but it also acts as a stand-alone therapy for a variety of conditions.

How often should you do salt therapy?

Salt therapy is most effective when administered consistently at a minimum of 2x/week for 8-12 weeks. Many people also use salt therapy treatments as a preventative measure to keep the immune system functioning at it’s best and to lessen the severity of the common cold, and other respiratory viruses etc.

Do salt pipes raise blood pressure?

No, The Salt Suite® salt rooms will not cause your blood pressure to rise. Even with the salt particles in our rooms having a concentration 10-15 times higher than normal sea air, you don’t have to worry about it affecting your blood pressure.

How often should you change the salt in a salt inhaler?

Changing the salt: If the salt inhaler is used daily, it is recommended to change the Himalayan Salt after 30 days. If you are not using the salt inhaler daily, you may get up to 90 days use from one refill of salt. To change the salt, simply remove the bottom plug and empty the contents.

Can a salt pipe be refilled?

You only need to use Salitair’s easy breath Salt Pipe for about 15 minutes every day in order to relieve the symptoms of COPD, asthma, and bronchitis. You can refill the plastic, washable pipe every 4 months with an easily sourced natural halite crystal rock salt refill.

Does salt inhaler raise blood pressure?

Some might wonder if breathing in salt during a Halotherapy session might cause their blood pressure to rise in an unnatural way. It’s a good questions and one that has a very simple answer. No, The Salt Suite® salt rooms will not cause your blood pressure to rise.