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What is a trunnion on a canon?

What is a trunnion on a canon?

In a cannon, the trunnions are two projections cast just forward of the center of mass of the cannon and fixed to a two-wheeled movable gun carriage.

What does a trunnion do?

A trunnion is used to help position a tank’s weapon. A trunnion is a protrusion that is utilized as a mounting point. These supports are used on a wide variety of objects and devices, and they are usually designed to be an integral part of a device for added stability and strength.

What is a trunnion on a vessel?

Trunnions (cylindrical components attached to the outside of the vessel shell as indicated in Figs. 4 and B. 1) can be either used for the top or bottom picN points.

What is a trunnion in engineering?

Trunnions are precision ground bearing mounts that allow you to mount a fixture to the surface, usually on a riser, and will allow full rotation of the fixture and parts placed on it.

What is trunnion support?

A trunnion pipe support is a pipe support that reinforces pipe sections and stabilizes piping systems. Pipe trunnions are used in instances where little or no movement occurs in the piping system.

What is a trunnion mount fixture?

Trunnion mounts are brackets that allow flood lights to be affixed to a flat surface, such as a wall, roof soffit or a square pole. It has pre drilled holes to allow for easy mounting and installation.

What is a pipe trunnion?

A trunnion is a piece of pipe that you weld to vertical piping in order to add support. They’re usually welded to those areas of the piping system that need a higher load-bearing capacity.

What is a trunnion mount cylinder?

Trunnion mounted cylinders are heavy duty pivoting cylinders with pintles mounted to the head, cap or intermediate position. Although superior to clevis or pivot mounted cylinders, they may still require stop tubes in long stroke applications.

What is a trunnion pipe?

What is a dummy Weld?

A weld that has been tested and has not met requirements for desired integrity and strength.

What are slip fitters?

Slipfitter Mount for Parking Poles As mentioned previously, slipfitter mounts are designed to slide over top of square or round light poles, such as those used in parking lots. Once slid over the top of the pole, they are secured using opposing screws that clamp down to ensure a strong and secure connection.

What are the trunnions of a cannon?

In a cannon, the trunnions are two projections cast just forward of the center of mass of the cannon and fixed to a two-wheeled movable gun carriage. As they allowed the muzzle to be raised and lowered easily, the integral casting of trunnions is seen by military historians as one of the most important advances in early field artillery.

Why did some guns have a second set of trunnions?

Some guns had a second set of trunnions placed several feet back from the first pair, which could be used to allow for easier transportation. The gun would recoil causing the carriage to move backwards several feet but men or a team of horses could put it back into firing position.

What is the purpose of a trunnion on a satellite?

On communication satellites, the antennas are usually mounted on a pair of trunnions to allow the beam pattern to be correctly pointed on the Earth from the geostationary orbit. On stage lighting instruments, a trunnion is a bracket attached to both ends of a striplight that allows the striplight to be mounted on the floor.

What is the purpose of trunnions in a nuclear power plant?

In nuclear power plants, when the steam generators are replaced, trunnions are used to upend them, to get them on the rail system, to shuttle them out of containment.