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What is an example of a feud?

What is an example of a feud?

The definition of a feud is a prolonged bitter disagreement or fight between families, family members or friends. An example of a feud is parents not speaking to their daughter for many years because she married someone outside of the family’s religion. To carry on a feud; quarrel.

What is a feud simple definition?

Definition of feud (Entry 1 of 2) : a mutual enmity or quarrel that is often prolonged or inveterate (see inveterate sense 2) especially : blood feud Because of a family feud, they did not see each other for a decade. feud. noun (2)

What is a good sentence for feud?

1, Because of a family feud, he never spoke to his wife’s parents for years. 2, The feud smouldered on for years. 3, The incident started a family feud. 4, They had a long-running feud over money.

What is family feud definition?

A feud is a long-standing fight, often between two families. In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare describes the lovers’ long-feuding families, the Capulets and the Montagues. Feuds do not have to be violent—what characterizes them is long-standing hostility. Ethnic groups can sometimes be said to be feuding.

What’s the difference between an argument and a feud?

As nouns the difference between argument and feud is that argument is proof, reason, point while feud is a state of long-standing mutual hostility or feud can be an estate granted to a vassal by a feudal lord in exchange for service.

What is feud in sociology?

feud, also called blood feud, a continuing state of conflict between two groups within a society (typically kinship groups) characterized by violence, usually killings and counterkillings.

Can feud be used as a verb?

FEUD (verb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use specific in a sentence?

Specific sentence example

  1. It’s easy to identify specific crimes and follow them up.
  2. She dropped Jonathan off and told him to meet her at a specific time and place.
  3. We never had much luck going back to a specific time that long ago.
  4. We have specific criteria and certain limitations.

What is feud society?

What is feud history?

How do you resolve a feud?

10 Steps to Resolve Family Feuds

  1. Listen twice as much as you talk.
  2. Bring the parties together and create a covenant.
  3. Begin with a simple “cessation of hostilities.”
  4. Remember the only person you can control is you.
  5. Take the stance of a servant.
  6. Turn it over to God.
  7. Appoint an arbitrator.

What are some famous feuds?

Other notable U.S. feuds

  • Barber–Mizell feud.
  • Boyce–Sneed Feud.
  • Greene-Jones War.
  • French-Eversole Feud.
  • Jones-Liddell feud.
  • Rowan County War.
  • Coates-Frost feud.
  • Tutt-Everett War.