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What is Apple DEP called now?

What is Apple DEP called now?

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) are now completely integrated into Apple Business Manager, so organizations can bring together everything needed to deploy Apple devices. These programs will no longer be available starting December 1, 2019.

What is meraki DEP?

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) allows administrators to pre-provision iOS, iPadOS, and macOS devices to automatically self-enroll into Systems Manager before even touching them, and provides an additional level of management control through bulk device supervision.

How does Apple DEP work?

The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is an online service that automates the enrollment and configuration of Apple OS X and iOS devices in an organization’s mobile device management software.

How do I manually add a device to Apple DEP?

Add an existing device to Apple Business Manager

  1. Plug your iOS device into a Mac running Apple Configurator.
  2. Select the device in Apple Configurator and click “Prepare”.
  3. Select ‘Manual Configuration’.
  4. On the ‘Enroll in MDM Server’ screen, select ‘New Server’ if you have not done this before.
  5. Give the enrollment a name.

What is the difference between DEP and MDM?

Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a service that helps enterprises to enroll their devices in an MDM server even before they turn them on. Not only it enrolls devices to MDM, but also skip the steps (like add WiFi network, choose language etc.) that appears the first time a device is set up.

How do I configure Apple DEP?

DEP is available to qualifying businesses that purchase iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV directly from Apple or participating Apple Authorized Resellers or carriers.

  1. Step 1: Create an agent account.
  2. Step 2: Enable two-step verification.
  3. Step 3: Complete the enrollment process.
  4. Step 4: Agree to the terms and conditions.

How do I set up Apple DEP?

Do you need an MDM for Apple DEP?

All iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices added to DEP will be enrolled automatically in MDM. Automatic enrollment ensures that devices are configured based on your organization’s requirements, and guarantees that all users receive those configurations on their devices.

How do I know if my Mac is enrolled in DEP?

The line under “add to enrollment” will tell you who is running the DEP. You may see details by clicking add, and it will bring up preferences. Under this, you may read (in plaintext) who is trying to enroll you, and you may find out who it is.

Is Apple Configurator 2 an MDM?

The Automated Enrollment feature of Apple Configurator allows you to use Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager to enroll devices in mobile device management (MDM) without anyone tapping on the device to set it up.

How do I remove Apple DEP?

Remove the DEP profile by navigating to Devices > Lifecycle > Enrollment Status > select the device > More > Remove Profile.