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What is BC category in Telangana?

What is BC category in Telangana?

STATE LIST OF BCs(List of BCs of Telangana State)GROUP-A(Aboriginal Tribes, Vimuktha Jathis, Nomadic and SemiNomadic Tribes etc.) 1. Agnikulakshatriya, Palli, Vadabalija, Bestha, Jalari, Gangavar, Gangaputra, Goondla, Vanyakulakshatriya (Vannekapu, Vannereddi, Pallikapu, Pallireddi) Neyyala, Pattapu.

How many caste are there in BC in Telangana?

first read above, orders were issued adapting the relevant Government Orders issued in the undivided State of Andhra Pradesh along with the list of (112) castes/communities group wise as Backward Classes with percentage of reservation, as specified therein for the State of Telangana. 2.

Which is higher caste BC-A or BC-B?

Both BC-a and BC-b belong to same caste backward class but different sub caste. Both these different sub caste(BC-A and BC-B) differ in terms of reservation percentage. BC-A has less reservation when compared to BC-B.

Which caste comes under BC-A?

Answer. Hii, Bc (backward caste) comes under OBC category i.e other backward class which is collective term used by government of India to classify caste which are educationally or socially disadvantaged.

How can I get BC C certificate in Telangana?

Application Procedure

  1. Step 1: Application form of Telangana caste certificate can be obtained either online or offline process.
  2. Step 2: Fill up the application form and enclose the required documents.
  3. Step 3: Approach any Meesava centre nearby and submit the application and documents along with the prescribed fee.

What is the full form of BC E caste?

BC-E category is of Shaikh(Muslims) and comes under OBC category in the state level and they have 4% reservation seats. As such there is no BC-A,B,C,D,E in central reservation. Central has given some guide lines to identify Non creamy layer among BCs for OBC reservation.

What is the difference between BC and OBC?

BC stands for Backward classes and OBC stands for other Backward classes. The only difference between the is them lies in terms of position and facilities of Education and jobs.

Is BC communal reservation category?

No changes have made in SC/ST reservation , it was 18% only. Second Backward Classes Commission was established in the year 1993 ….Present Reservation System in Tamilnadu – 69 % Quota System.

Community Reservation (Out of 69%) Distribution , If any
BC 30 % BC (General) – 26.5 % BC (Muslims) – 3.5%

Which is higher BC or OBC?

OBC Stands for Other Backward Classes. OBC people are considered higher in all terms than BC Caste people. BC people are given more reservation than OBC People.

How do I get a BC certificate?

Procedure to apply for Caste Certificate Online:

  1. Visit your state’s Backward Class Welfare Portal.
  2. Click on link “Apply for Caste Certificate Online”
  3. Create a new account in the portal or you can fill online application form directly.
  4. After creating the account log in into the portal using the username and password.

What is the BC C caste?

BC- C (Backward castes C- category) are not considered backward class of India with 1% reservation at state level and at national level they come under other backward class.

What is the total allocation of BC and EBC seats for Telangana?

The total allocation of BC and EBC seats for Telangana is 450. Government permitted to extend the benefit of MTF Scholarship to students of studying in other states in the 188 Premier Institutions like IIT’s, NIT’s, IIM’s, etc., recognized by Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

What is the reimbursable fee under the Telangana education reimbursement scheme?

The maximum Reimbursable fee under the scheme is Rs.38,000 per annum per student includes books, material, mess and other maintenance charges. An amount of Rs.3,000/- is release towards pocket allowance and maintenance charges, to the students account. The total allocation of BC and EBC seats for Telangana is 450.

What percentage of reservation is provided to backward classes in local bodies?

The percentage of reservation provided to Backward Classes in Local Bodies is 34%. Unlike reservation in Education and Employment, the reservation in Local Bodies is not divided among BC Groups i.e. (A, B, C, D and E). All BC Communities are treated as one Unit for the purpose of reservation in Local Bodies.