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What is code for glass railing?

What is code for glass railing?

What exactly is the new code? The revised model code (Section 2407.1) now states, “handrail, guardrail, or a guard section shall be laminated glass constructed of fully tempered or heat strengthened glass and shall comply with Category II or CPSC 16 CFR Part 1201 or Class A of ANSI Z97. 1.

How far can glass railing span?

Maximum post spans will vary depending on job site conditions. Never span more than 6′ on-center between railing posts. Railings longer than 12′ in length will require reduced post spans.

How tall should a glass railing be?

For commercial applications, it is most common to use 42” high glass railings. In residential spaces, it is common to use 36” high glass on stairways and 39” or 42” on balcony or other level applications. If you are using your glass railing as a pool guard, code often requires 48” tall railings.

Do glass railings get hot?

Although glass holds up well in the heat, it also traps heat and blocks the breeze. Having large, full glass panels on your deck makes it hotter. Avoid the heat by using glass balusters instead of full panels.

Why doesn’t my glass railing have a top rail?

In some cases, the lack of a top rail is based on confirming that the glass railing system meets the structural requirements. However, for the most part, it’s based on ambiguity in the older code language. Prior to 2015, the IBC relating to glass railing stated the following: IBC 2407.1.2 Support.

What are the different styles of topless glass railing systems?

Durarail offers 2 styles of Topless Glass Railing Systems – the Mirage Post and the PUP Post. Please be aware that some municipal building codes may dictate the use of a cap on top of the topless systems – and the codes are subject to change.

Can glass balusters be installed without a handrail or guard?

Glass balusters shall not be installed without an attached handrail or guard. The intent of the code was to protect the public in the event of an individual panel’s failure.

Why choose invisirail™ with no top rail?

With minimal visual obstructions, InvisiRail™ with no top rail allows you to enjoy your view while providing a safe guard rail for your indoor or outdoor living space.