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What is CTI winch?

What is CTI winch?

Contactor equipped, thermometric winch. A massive protective structure combined with sophisticated operator feedback delivers fast line speeds, and long duty cycles. The perfect winch for the serious off-roader. New contactor control features exceptional durability, extra long life, and superior weather sealing.

How much does a Warn 8274 weigh?

WARN 8274-50 Specs: Weight: 110 lbs. (50kgs.) Wire rope: 150 ft, 5/16 ft diameter (46m, 8mm diam.)

What is CTI rating?

The Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) is the maximum voltage, measured in volts, at which a material withstands 50 drops of contaminated water without tracking. Tracking is defined as the formation of conductive paths due to electrical stress, humidity, and contamination.

What does CTI mean?

Computer Telephony Integration
CTI is the abbreviation for the technical term Computer Telephony Integration. It refers to a communications solution that, with the assistance of computer software, allows functions of the phone system to be used in conjunction with information stored in the computer system, such as phone numbers.

Is the Warn 8274 a good winch?

The WARN M8274 is probably the best-known and most recognized winch Warn Industries makes. Introduced in 1974, it replaced the original Belleview winch that was made from 1959-1973.

What is CTI unit?

What is CTI example?

Computer telephony integration (CTI) means coordinating a computer with a telephone system, and using the computer (perhaps even a desktop machine) to perform the call control functions usually associated with a PBX or Key System (key systems are sometimes called “six-button telephones”).

How fast is the Warn 8274?

Loved by off-roaders who compete, it’s our fastest winch. No-load retrieval speed for the M8274-50 is 79.3 feet per minute, and that’s not all. At 150 ft. of 5/16″ cable, it also has a very long line capacity….Products specifications.

Type Electric
Max Line Pull/ Line Speed 8000 Pound/ 6.2 Feet Per Minute

What is the highest rated winch?

  1. Editor’s Pick: WARN Zeon Platinum Winches. WARN just might be the biggest name in off-road winches and the new WARN Zeon Platinum lineup is the brand’s flagship.
  2. Best Light Duty Winch: Champion Winch Kit (13004)
  3. Best Portable Winch: WARN Handheld Portable Drill Winch.
  4. Superwinch Terra Winches.
  5. Smittybilt XRC Winch (97495)