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What is custom tray made of?

What is custom tray made of?

Custom trays are made up of auto-polymerizing Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) resin, thermoplastic material and visible-light curing resin. The tray materials are supposed to be rigid, dimensionally stable, retentive to impression materials or adhesive and moisture resistant.

Which tray we use in edentulous patients?

stock trays
Types of stock trays: 2- Stock tray for edentulous patient. *We can distinguish between them by: stock trays for dentulous patient have long flanges, wide and flat floor, while the other have short flanges, oval and narrow floor. *Tray with combination flat and oval floor are suitable for partial denture work.

What are the three types of custom trays?

Custom Tray

  • Stock trays (full arch, sectional, and quadrant)
  • Custom trays.

What other materials may be used to construct the individual tray?

There are a myriad of materials and techniques available for custom tray fabrication, including autopolymerizing and heat-activated acrylic resins, thermoplastic resins, and visible light-cured resins.

What type of custom impression material will be used to fabricate the bleach trays?

Alginate materials
Alginate materials are suited well for preliminary impressions and study models or for bleaching trays, occlusal guards, and other uses for which finite accuracy is not critical. However, alginate impression materials must be poured immediately because they lose accuracy as they dehydrate.

What is shellac base plate?

Shellac base plates are used in the process of manufacturing dentures/false teeth in the field of dentistry. They provide for temporary denture plates to check the fit and feel for the patient.

What is non perforated impression tray?

Dental Impression tray Edentulous Non-Perforated is used to take a negative imprint of hard (teeth) and soft tissues in the mouth from which a positive reproduction (cast or model) can be formed. Impression material is of liquid or semi-solid nature when first mixed and placed in the mouth.

Which type of material is used for a vacuum formed custom tray?

The primary materials that can be used to construct custom trays are self-curing acrylic resin, light-cured resin, and thermoplastic material.

What are the four types of final impression materials?

There are four main types of impression material that are routinely used in dentistry. They can be categorised into either rigid impression materials (zinc oxide eugenol and impression compound) or elastic impression materials (alginate and silicone).

What are custom dental trays?

A custom whitening tray fits well on a patient’s teeth, which leads to improved whitening as their teeth are evenly immersed in the bleaching agent. The mouth tray also helps prevent the bleaching solution from getting into the person’s gums during treatment.

How do you distinguish between Dentulous and edentulous trays?

a- Dentulous tray: which have square cross section for patient with teeth. b- Edentulous tray: have rounded cross section for patients without teeth. b- Perforated stock tray with rim lock (rim lock stock tray). Both types used with alginate impression material.