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What is EndoSequence root repair material?

What is EndoSequence root repair material?

EndoSequence Root Repair Material is a ready-to-use, premixed, bioceramic paste developed for permanent root canal repair and surgical applications. It is an insoluble, radiopaque, and aluminum-free material based on a calcium silicate composition, which requires the presence of water to set and harden.

What is BC sealer made of?

What makes BC Sealer different from other “bioceramic” sealers? Our nano-particulate premixed bioceramic contains Calcium Silicates, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Hydroxide and Zirconium Oxide – a patented formula that cannot be copied.

What is BC Putty?

Biocompatible putty is fast-setting and easily manipulated. Figure 1 | Premixed with superior handling and healing properties, EndoSequence® BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ is ideal for root end filling (retrograde fills), pulp capping, perforation repair, and repair of root resorption.

What is EndoSequence BC sealer?

EndoSequence BC Sealer is a revolutionary premixed root canal sealer that utilizes new bioceramic nanotechnology. Unlike conventional base/catalyst sealers, BC Sealer utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentinal tubules to initiate its setting reaction.

Is EndoSequence MTA?

EndoSequence® Root Repair Material (RRM™) BC-RRM is antibacterial (12+ pH) and is extremely biocompatible and osteogenic. Unlike MTA and other conventional root repair materials containing metals, BC Sealer and BC-RRM are metal-free and do not stain.

Which bioceramic sealer is best?

5 Best Root Canal Sealers [2021 Review]

  • Ultradent: EndoREZ Root Canal Sealer.
  • Dentsply Maillefer: AH Plus Root Canal Sealer Complete Package.
  • Brasseler: EndoSequence BC sealer.
  • Septodont: BioRoot RCS.
  • Dentsply Sirona: Ribbon Sealer.

What is a bioceramic sealer?

Bioceramic-based sealers have only been available for use in endodontics for the past thirty years, their rise to prominence corresponding to the increased use of bioceramic technology in the fields of medicine and dentistry. Bioceramics are ceramic materials designed specifically for medical and dental use.