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What is FileNet content Engine?

What is FileNet content Engine?

Content Platform Engine is a FileNet® P8 component that is designed to handle the heavy demands of a large enterprise. It can manage enterprise-wide workflow objects, custom objects, and documents by offering powerful and easy-to-use administration tools.

What is FileNet system?

FileNet is the most widely used high-end workflow system and runs on PCs and a variety of Unix workstations. The company coined the term “enterprise content management” (ECM) to apply to the dissemination of content in all its forms, such as images, forms, emails, scanned documents and electronic files.

Is FileNet a document management system?

FileNet pioneered with a “Integrated Document Management” suite offering document imaging, electronic document management, COLD and workflow.

What is IBM CSS?

IBM Content Search Services is a scalable server component that can be used with IBM FileNet® P8 to index documents and enable search. IBM Content Search Services is a new approach to full-text indexing optimized for the source system documents supported by IBM Content Collector.

What is IBM content search services?

IBM® Content Search Services consists of index and search servers that are created and registered at the FileNet® P8 domain level. The Content Platform Engine’s text search dispatcher passes index and search requests to Content Search Services servers.

What is IBM FileNet image services?

IBM® FileNet® Image Services helps your organization store and manage large volumes of fixed information with high availability to users. The services provide fast, security-rich access to enterprise content and documents.

What is FileNet repository?

An external repository acts like a virtual storage area for the Content Platform Engine system. Workflow management. FileNet P8 lets you create, modify, manage, analyze, and simulate business processes, or workflows, that are performed by applications, enterprise users, and external users such as partners and customers …

What is IBM FileNet P8?

FileNet P8 is a reliable, scalable, and highly available enterprise platform that enables you to capture, store, manage, secure, and process information to increase operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

What is FileNet and why do we need it?

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What is IBM FileNet content manager?

IBM FileNet® Content Manager is a flexible, full featured content management solution that helps enable the creation of innovative business applications on any cloud to govern all enterprise content, automatically extract insight from unstructured content and dissolve content silos.

How do I search for publications in IBM FileNet?

Click Search for publications, and enter the 10-digit document number in the Publication number field. Access the available developer code samples that work with IBM FileNet P8 Platform.

What is new about web-based information retrieval support systems?

The paper concludes that much of what is claimed to be new about Web-based IS is either recycled, re-labelled or simply erroneous. In this paper, we discuss the potential applications of data mining techniques for the design of Web based information retrieval support systems (IRSS).