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What is Framlingham famous for?

What is Framlingham famous for?

Framlingham is a small market town and home to the magnificent twelfth century castle belonging to the Earls and Dukes of Norfolk through the centuries. It is said that Mary I spent time here in 1553, before going to London to reclaim her throne from Lady Jane Grey.

Did Mary Tudor live in Framlingham Castle?

Mary Tudor at Framlingham Castle Mary, instead, fled to East Anglia where she owned extensive estates, including the well-fortified Framlingham Castle. Through the disgrace of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, it had come into the hands of Mary the previous year.

Who lived in Framlingham Castle?

Built in the 12th century by Roger Bigod, Earl of Norfolk, it was home to the Dukes of Norfolk for over 400 years. It was later owned by the first woman to be named a duchess in her own right and in the 16th century it became the scene of a national drama starring Mary Tudor.

Does Ed Sheeran own Framlingham Castle?

The singer’s Castle on the Hill features lyrical references to Framlingham Castle in the Suffolk town where he grew up. English Heritage, which owns it, says visitor numbers in 2017 were about 100,000 – up 15% on the previous year.

Is Framlingham a nice place to live?

Far from being a dull, dead fossil, it’s a living, working town that doesn’t rely on the past to justify its existence in the present. It’s no wonder that a survey in Country Life magazine a few years ago listed Framlingham among the ten best towns in England in which to live. It simply is a very nice place.

What did Framlingham Castle look like?

The castle is shaped like a rough circle, consisting of a thick outer curtain wall which wraps around 13 tall towers. Only one element juts out from the ring of walls – the Western Tower (as pictured below), which protected the Postern Gateway into the castle.

Who built Framlingham Castle?

Roger Bigod
Framlingham Castle is located in the market town of Framlingham in Suffolk. It was built by Roger Bigod, a knight, after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066.

What is Framlingham like to live in?

Is Castle on the Hill about Framlingham Castle?

The singer’s Castle on the Hill was inspired by the real life Framlingham Castle, in the Suffolk town where Sheeran grew up. He released his single in January 2017 and the video, which features Framlingham Castle in the final scene, has had over 2.5 million likes on YouTube.

Whats it like to live in Framlingham?

Does framlingham have a train station?

Framlingham railway station was located in Framlingham, Suffolk, UK and was the terminus station on the Framlingham Branch….Framlingham railway station.

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