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What is holetown like in Barbados?

What is holetown like in Barbados?

Visit Holetown, Barbados Finding a safe landing point in a local stream, known as ‘The Hole’, the first settlers established a community here in 1627. Today, Holetown is known for its understated but exclusive atmosphere, good shopping and restaurants, and white sandy beach lapped by clear, calm waters.

What is Holetown Barbados known for?

History. Holetown was the site of the first British landing in Barbados in 1625 and the first settlement by the British two years later. The Holetown Monument commemorates the 1625 landing. The town was originally called Jamestown after King James I.

Which part of Barbados is holetown?

west coast of Barbados
Holetown beach is located on the west coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. James, behind the post office and police station. It continues the eight miles of golden sandy beach that makes up the gold coast of Barbados.

Which is the quietest part of Barbados?

Fitts Village is a quiet area on the west coast. Only one hotel in the direct area but has a supermarket and a great rum bar called Wendy’s. Fitts Village has a great local feel and not touristy at all.

How did Holetown Barbados get its name?

Since 1977, the town has also celebrated the Barbados Holetown Festival to commemorate this landing. The name Holetown comes from the stream, The Hole, which provided a safe landing place for the settlers. Also sometimes called Saint James Town, the settlement was, until 1629, the island’s only town.

How did holetown get its name?

Originally named Jamestown, Holetown got its name from the stream otherwise known as “the hole” which was the location for settlers to arrive safely to the island by ship.

What is the best town to stay in Barbados?

We recommend staying in the Holetown area, where you’ll find stunning beaches and a wonderful boardwalk for strolling. You’ll love dining at the excellent cafes, beach bars and world-class restaurants. Holetown is right on the main bus route so you can easily get out to explore the island.

Where is Paynes Bay Barbados?

parish of St.James
Located along the west coast, in the parish of St. James, is Paynes Bay beach. Turquoise waters gently lap the soft white-sand shore. The waters here are very calm with no currents and the area is safe for swimming.

What is the capital of Barbados?

BridgetownBarbados / Capital