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What is JPDP?

What is JPDP?

Department of Policy Planning and Coordination Department of Policy Planning and Coordination. The Department of Policy Planning and Coordination (JPDP) is responsible for the policy and strategic planning of the Ministry.

What is covered under PDPA Malaysia?

In Malaysia, collection, processing, storage, transfer and retention of individuals’ personal data are governed under the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (the “Act”). In short, the Act regulates the processing of personal data in commercial transactions in Malaysia.

What are Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act 2010 principles?

Access Principle The PDPA gives the individual the right to access and correct his own data where it is inaccurate, incomplete, misleading or outdated. The PDPA provides grounds on which the data user may refuse to comply with a data access or data correction request by the individual.

What is personal data in Malaysia?

Personal data is defined as information that relates directly or indirectly to a data subject, who is identified or identifiable from that information or from that and other information in the possession of a data user, and includes any sensitive personal data and expressions of opinion about the data subject.

Who needs to register for PDPA?

As such, pursuant to section 15(1) of the PDPA 2010, member firms (in partnerships) who offer services in auditing and accountancy are required to register themselves with the Personal Data Protection Commissioner.

How do I renew my PDPA?

You can renew your certificated of registration online at The fees will be quoted upon application. GRSONA, PDPA TMENT TA PRO Q.

What data is protected by PDPA?

What is PDPA? The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) is an Act that regulates the processing of personal data in regards to commercial transactions. It was gazetted in June 2010. The penalty for non-compliance is between RM100k to 500k and/or between 1 to 3 years imprisonment.

Who is exempted from PDPA?

Any person or organisation (or any class of persons or organisations) may be granted exemption from all or any of the provisions of the PDPA with the approval of the Minister, by order published in the Gazette.

Does Malaysia have Data Protection Act?

Unlike other jurisdictions, Malaysia has no specific law such as a Privacy Act to protect personal privacy, except for the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”), which deals with personal data and focuses on regulating the processing of ‘personal data’ in commercial transactions.

Are bank account details personal data?

Yes. Keep in mind personal data is any information that can be related to the identification or used for identification of a person. In this case, bank account number, credit card number, contact information such as an address, telephone number are all personal data.

Is PDPA mandatory?

It’s mandatory. All businesses, big or small, need a Data Protection Officer* (DPO). Someone who can develop and implement good policies and practices for handling personal data that meet your organisation’s needs. Someone who can communicate the policies and practices clearly to employees and customers.