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What is speed-E and IDeAS?

What is speed-E and IDeAS?

NSDL launched SPEED-e (pronounced as speedy) in September, 2001.It enables demat account holders (including Clearing Members) to submit instructions directly on the Internet through SPEED-e website, without the need to use paper.

What is speed-E and IDeAS in NSDL?

SPEED-e is a common Internet Infrastructure that enables the Depository Participants (Participants) to provide depository services to their clients. View your updated Transactions. Clients can view latest balances along with the value based on the previous day closing price in their demat account…

How do I subscribe to NSDL IDeAS?

Go to IDeAS website ( , click the hyperlink IDeAS under New Users and then click on REGISTER under section Clients (Password Users).

How do I login to my NSDL portal?

Safe & Secure Login Click on the check box beside the text boxes for enabling & using it. Beware of fraudulent emails. NSDL Ltd will never send you emails asking for User Credentials(Password) or any account details. If you receive such an email please, delete it immediately.

How do I sell shares in NSDL?

Get familiar with your trading platform’s interface….What Is The Procedure For Selling Shares In An NSDL Demat Account

  1. Open a Demat account at your bank branch or you can do it online at the finance institution’s portal.
  2. You have to fill out an application form.
  3. Upload your PAN and Aadhaar Cards as well as Form 16.

How can I sell shares in NSDL speede?

Please visit –

  1. Select and fill the ‘Delivery Instructions’ and fill in the following details: Execution date: Date on which you want the securities to get debited from your demat account.
  2. ‘Submit’ your request.

How does speed-E work?

SPEED-e is an Internet website that receives the delivery instructions from the registered users. These instructions are downloaded by the DPs, in batches, from the SPEED-e website for execution in the DP’s depository system. The status of execution of instructions is updated on SPEED-e website.

What is ideas in demat account?

IDeAS Internet Based Demat Account Statement (IDeAS) ( is a secured Internet website set-up by NSDL for demat account holders enables investors to view balances and transactions in demat accounts updated on an online but not real time basis.

How do I register for Speed-E IDeAS facility?

Q. 12 As a SPEED-e user, how do I register for IDeAS? Existing SPEED-e users (i.e. both Password and Smart Card users) can click on the “Change Service” link and choose IDeAS. DP will authorise your request and thereafter you will be able to access IDeAS with the same User-Id and password/PIN as the case may be.

How can I open trading account in NSDL?

Any investor who wish to open a demat account, needs to approach a Depository Participant (DP) of his / her choice. Click here ( to view the list of DPs associated with NSDL who may help you to open a demat account.

How do I open an NSDL account?

NSDL Account Login Process

  1. Press the New User Registration Tab.
  2. Fill the registration page with the following details: DP ID.
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions and press the “submit” button.
  4. You will get a One-Time Password (OTP) on the Demat account-registered mobile number.
  5. Enter the OTP. Get Started!

What is speed-E and how does it work?

SPEED-e is a common Internet Infrastructure that enables the Depository Participants (Participants) to provide depository services to their clients.

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