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What is the APC model?

What is the APC model?

In cancer research, the Age-Period-Cohort (APC) framework is a fundamental model to analyze these data. The APC Model includes parameters that describe the mathematical relationships between the Rate of cancer and attained age, calendar period (year of diagnosis), and birth cohort (year of birth).

What is the difference between age effect and cohort effect?

An aging effect is a change in variable values which occurs among all cohorts independently of time period, as each cohort grows older. A cohort effect is a change which characterizes populations born at a particular point in time, but which is independent of the process of aging.

How is birth cohort calculated?

To identify the cohorts we need to know only the period and age group: we subtract the early age group from the upper and lower period limit (e.g. people who were 10-14 years old in 1950-1954 we subtract 10 from 1950 and 1954 to label the cohort interval as 1940-1944).

What is an example of a period effect?

An example of a period effect may be the impact of the events of the early to mid-1970s – the end of the Vietnam War and the Watergate affair – on views of government. This was a time in U.S. history that coincided with a sharp drop in public trust in government across generations.

What are the birth cohorts?

A birth cohort study follows a group of people that were born at a similar date or period of time – be it a day, month, year or decade, for instance. It follows these people throughout their lives, and collects information from them at particular ages.

What is an example of a cohort effect?

People who started college the same year. People who grew up in the same region during a specific time period. People who were exposed to the same natural disaster.

What is meant by cohort effect?

Cohort effects are variations over time, in one or more characteristics, among groups of individuals defined by some shared experience such as year or decade of birth, or years of a specific exposure. Any given population comprises multiple subcohorts with different rates of exposures and outcomes.

What are the age cohorts?

Definition of Age Cohort (noun) A group of people born around the same time period from a particular population that typically shares certain events and experiences over their life course.

What is a cohort and a cohort effect?

A cohort effect occur when a commonly aged group of people in research indirectly affect results due to their common age-related influences. A cohort is a group of people who share a common identity in some way. A college freshman class could be said to be a cohort.

What is birth cohort effect?

The birth cohort effect is defined as the variation in the prevalence of age-related maculopathy that arises from the different exposures of each birth cohort.