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What is the best high school in Melbourne?

What is the best high school in Melbourne?

Top 200 VCE School Rankings 2020

VIC Ranking School Name School Location
1 Bialik College Hawthorn East
2 Mount Scopus Memorial College Burwood
3 Ballarat Clarendon College Ballarat
4 Macrobertson Girls High School Melbourne

Where are the best schools in Melbourne?

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Order School State Overall Score
Lighthouse Christian College,Keysborough,VIC,3173 93
1 Melbourne High School 100
2 Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School 100
3 Nossal High School,Berwick,VIC,3806 100

How do I choose a high school in Melbourne?

Things to consider when choosing secondary schools

  1. match your personal values and preferences.
  2. meet your family’s practical needs.
  3. compare on factors like size, classes, facilities and so on.
  4. support children’s academic development.
  5. communicate and build relationships with families.

What are the best private schools in Melbourne?

Shelford Girls’ Grammar Private School Melbourne.

  • Firbank Grammar Private School Melbourne.
  • Presbyterian Ladies’ College Private School Melbourne.
  • Ruyton Girls’ Private School Melbourne.
  • Camberwell Grammar Private School Melbourne.
  • Haileybury Private School Melbourne.
  • Melbourne Grammar Private School.
  • Which suburb has best schools in Melbourne?

    Glen Waverley, 3150 With consistently good exam results and a median study score of 33 in the 2018 VCE, this elite government school consistently outperforms other state schools.

    Which suburb has good school in Melbourne?

    Fitzroy North, inner north-west suburb Travancore and Croydon in the far north-east were Melbourne’s top suburbs for access to education, ranking first, second and third respectively in the recent Domain Liveable Melbourne study.

    How do I decide what high school to go to?

    Find out what parents should be looking for in a high school to ensure that their teen thrives in the years leading up to college.

    1. Academic Programs Offered.
    2. Cost.
    3. Diversity.
    4. Size.
    5. Student-Teacher Interaction.
    6. Graduation and College Attendance Rates.
    7. School Culture.
    8. Technology and Resources.

    How do you find a good high school?

    To help you make a more informed decision, check out some of the most important factors that you should keep in mind when comparing high schools.

    1. Average Class Size.
    2. College Support & Student Outcomes.
    3. Educational Philosophy.
    4. The Academic Program.
    5. Mentorship Programs & Resources.
    6. Extracurricular Activities & Clubs.