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What is the best island to go to in Queensland?

What is the best island to go to in Queensland?

10 Gorgeous Islands in Queensland, Australia

  • Magnetic Island, QLD, Australia. Exploring Magnetic Island | © Hayley Simpson.
  • Moreton Island, QLD, Australia.
  • Lizard Island, QLD, Australia.
  • Hayman Island, QLD, Australia.
  • Fraser Island, QLD, Australia.
  • North Stradbroke Island, QLD, Australia.
  • Hamilton Island, QLD, Australia.

How do you get to Daydream Island?

Getting to Daydream Island is easy. Fly in to Hamilton Island and then relax for the 30 minute launch transfer to Daydream Island with Cruise Whitsundays. Alternatively, travel to Port of Airlie in Airlie Beach on the mainland and take the Cruise Whitsundays launch transfer to the island.

What is the most tropical part of Australia?

Queensland, state of northeastern Australia, occupying the wettest and most tropical part of the continent.

How much does it cost to go to Daydream Island?

DAYDREAM ISLAND DAY GUESTS LANDING FEE: – $38/Adult and $19/Child. This fee is in addition to resort connection fees and proof of payment will be required upon arriving at the island. Prices are in AUD and per person….Pricing.

Adult Child
To/from Daydream Island $38.00 $28.00
To/from Hamilton Island $59.90 $49.90

Where’s the best island for a family holiday in Queensland?

For the perfect family holiday for some quality time together and fun in the sun, you’ll love Hamilton Island, Hayman Island or Daydream Island for tropical family holidays. Hamilton Island is easily the most popular island out of all the islands off the Queensland Coast. Holiday goers have the choice of several resorts, hotels and varying costs.

Are there any holiday specials available on Queensland island?

Many island resorts have holiday specials or ask our consultants for more Queensland Island specials currently available. Our online quoting system will allow you to choose accommodation, flights, transfers and often additional services such as meals plans or day tours.

Where is the best holiday in Australia for your family?

For active holidays, they can abseil at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, hike in Carnarvon Gorge or go white water rafting near Cairns. If your children are into ‘Finding Nemo’, the perfect holiday for you is staying at one of the many island resorts on or near the Great Barrier Reef.

What is there to do on the Queensland islands?

There is so much to see and do on the Queensland Islands, with activities as many and diverse as the islands themselves. If you enjoy diving or fishing then Heron, Wilson, Lizard or Lady Elliot are for you. If you’re a nature lover then see it at its best on Lady Elliot Island with turtle hatching, bird rookeries and whale watching.