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What is the condition of the Buchanan Highway?

What is the condition of the Buchanan Highway?

As we near the end of the wet season, travellers are advised the road between Timber Creek and Yarralin is in rough condition.

Is Buchanan Highway sealed?

Is Buchanan Highway sealed? The road, also known as National Route 80, is totally unsealed.

How long is the Buchanan Highway?

249.2 miBuchanan Highway / Length

Is the buntine highway sealed?

Is the Buntine Highway sealed? Named after Noel Buntine (a road train pioneer and drover) in 1996, the road is mostly paved. 336km of the road is sealed and 222km predominantly paved.

How much of the Buchanan Highway is sealed?

The Buntine Highway is a rural arterial road which runs from the Victoria Highway to the Western Australian border. Approximately 336km of the Highway is sealed, with 222km predominantly unsealed.

Who is Stuart Highway?

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Is the Roper Highway sealed?

The Roper Highway is a sealed and an unsealed road in the Northern Territory. It goes from near Mataranka to near Rittarangu (Urapunga).

Where is the Murranji track?

The Murranji Track has social and historical significance as one of the most famous stockroutes in Australia. The Murranji extends for 230 kilometres through dense lancewood and bullwaddy from Newcastle Waters to Old Top Springs.

Is the Victoria Highway sealed?

It was designated as National Highway in 1974 and was fully reconstructed and sealed to a good standard by the early 1990s.

Is the Stuart Highway Safe?

The Australian Automobile Association says the Stuart Highway between Darwin and Pine Creek is arguably the most dangerous stretch of highway in the nation.

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What does Murranji mean?

The Murranji – a waterhole, a region, a track – a legend.

Is the Buchanan Highway unpaved?

The Buchanan Highway is a very scenic unpaved drive located in the Northern Territory of Australia. Is Buchanan Highway sealed? The road, also known as National Route 80, is unsealed.

Where is the headquarters of the Northern Territory Police?

The headquarters of the Northern Territory Police is located at NAB House on Smith Street, Darwin. The Department of Police, Fire and Emergency Services is administered from the Peter McAulay Centre in Berrimah.

Who pays for the maintenance of the Buchanan Highway?

Funding for maintenance is provided by the Northern Territory Government. The highway was named in 1966 after Nathaniel Buchanan, a pioneering drover who first brought cattle overland from Queensland to the Northern Territory in 1877.

Where are the major intersections on the Buchanan Highway?

The only major intersection on this road is with the Buntine Highway (National Route 96) at Top Springs . The 447,500 ha (1,106,000-acre) cattle station, Murranji Station, borders the Buchanan Highway, 90 kilometres (56 mi) north-west of Elliot.