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What is the cover over a drain called?

What is the cover over a drain called?

manhole cover
A manhole cover or maintenance hole cover is a removable plate forming the lid over the opening of a manhole, an opening large enough for a person to pass through that is used as an access point for an underground vault or pipe.

Can I cover a basement floor drain?

There are two main options for covering a basement floor drain: cement or a lid or cap. While a permanent option may be the way to go when finishing a basement, a temporary cap or lid is ideal in other situations.

How do you remove a basement drain cover?

Alternatively, use a metal coat hanger or other strong material to loop around the holes in the drain cover, then pull, or use the hook end of a hammer to pry the cover loose. Often, repeating these methods with the addition of lubricant and rust remover will eventually loosen the cover.

Is a basement floor drain necessary?

Even when a basement has a finished floor, a drain is necessary in case of an emergency and for a home’s maintenance. Expect the floor drain to connect to municipal sewage systems to remove wastewater, or it will connect to a collection pit where a sump pump can send the water where it needs to be treated.

How do you install a floor drain cover?


  1. Locate and Cut a Hole in the Floor.
  2. Install the Drain in the Floor.
  3. Install an Extender Pipe to the Drain Assembly.
  4. Install the P-Trap.
  5. Cut Into the End-Point Drainage Pipe.
  6. Install the Pipe to the ABS Tee.

How do you remove a sewer drain cover?

Driving a screwdriver at an angle into the outer edge of the cap. Then tapping it with a hammer to pry it open little by little. Directly tapping the fitting on top of the cap with small sledgehammer to get a little bit of movement. Again, if you accidentally break the cap, they are cheap to replace.

What is the purpose of a drain cover?

A drain cover is a cover with holes in it or a grating used to cover a water drain. It allows the drainage but in the same time it prevents bigger objects to be flushed in the drain.