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What is the difficulties in emotion regulation scale?

What is the difficulties in emotion regulation scale?

Difficulties in emotion regulation scale (DERS) Items are rated on a scale of 1 (“almost never [0–10%]”) to 5 (“almost always [91–100%]”). Higher scores indicate more difficulty in emotion regulation. The psychometric properties of the DERS and its subscales are described throughout the manuscript.

What is the ders 18?

The DERS-18 is comprised of three items per subscale, for six subscales, or a total of 18 items. These include three reverse- coded items, all on the Awareness subscale. In the combined sample, item total correlations ranged from .

What are the key elements in emotion regulation?

Emotional regulation involves three components: Initiating actions triggered by emotions. Inhibiting actions triggered by emotions. Modulating responses triggered by emotions.

What is a high score on ders?

Total scores range from 36 to 180. There are no standardized clinical cutoffs for this measure, however prior research suggests that the clinical range on the DERS total score varies from averages of approximately 80 to 1278,21.

What is ders in psychology?

DERS – Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale. The DERS is a brief, 36-item, self-report questionnaire designed to assess multiple aspects of emotion dysregulation. The measure yields a total score as well as scores on six scales derived through factor analysis: 1. Nonacceptance of emotional responses (NONACCEPTANCE)

Who developed the difficulties in emotion regulation scale?

Gratz and Roemer
Difficulty in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) This scale was developed by Gratz and Roemer in 2004 with 36 items and 6 subscales for measuring emotion dysregulation and emotional self-regulation strategies.

What is the full form of ders?

The Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) is a well validated and widely used self-report measure for assessing emotion regulation problems among adolescents and adults.

What is the ders assessment?