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What is the E unit on a Lionel train?

What is the E unit on a Lionel train?

The Lionel e-unit changes the polarity of the field each time you sequence the power. It consists of a solenoid, a series of copper fingers, and a drum with a ratchet and a series of contacts on it. When you interrupt the power, the solenoid sequences the drum via the ratchet.

Why does my Lionel train slow down?

If your train slows down or stops only in certain spots, the problem is probably voltage drop. Distance and the joints between track sections weaken the flow of power. Tighten any loose joiners and, if necessary, run a second set of wires from the power supply to the track in the troubled area.

Can I use 3 in 1 oil on my Lionel train?

Summary. In closing, don’t use 3-in-1, WD40 or cooking oils. Instead, use a dedicated model train lubricant such as Gaugemaster’s lubrication fluid or Labelle oil and greases and your engines and rolling stock will run smoother, longer and more reliably.

How does a Lionel motor work?

Most Lionel trains have a solenoid in them that activates when you cut the power. The solenoid cycles through a series of contacts on a drum that either cut power to the motor to put the train in neutral, or reverse the polarity on the field, to make the motor go forward or backwards.

What do you clean Lionel trains with?

A: For cleaning Lionel trains, use a soft-bristle toothbrush, a mild dishwashing detergent, warm running water, and a wide sink. Also, make sure to have plenty of light so you can see what you’re doing. Start by taking the plastic shells and parts off the chassis and accessory frames.

What is Lionel track Cleaner?

Lionel Track Cleaner SKU: 6-18461 Inspired by the Postwar classic as well as some never-completed designs found in our Archives, this new track cleaner uses dual rotating sponges. One is wet, fed by the track cleaning fluid reservoir. The other is dry and soaks up the excess.

Why does my model train keeps derailing?

A car may have been placed incorrectly on the track, or maybe a switch was thrown while a train was in the switch, and then it was thrown back. If you have a derailment, best thing to do is place the cars or engines back on the track, and to keep running them.