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What is the function of the superior olivary complex?

What is the function of the superior olivary complex?

The superior olivary complex (SOC) is a group of auditory nuclei in the brainstem of amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. One major function of the SOC is to encode the cues that contribute to sound lateralization on the basis of convergent binaural ascending inputs arising from both ventral cochlear nuclei.

What is the role of the inferior olivary nucleus?

The inferior olivary nuclei receive movement-related information from several sources, including the spinal cord and motor cortex. This includes information about current movement, body position, muscle tension, and intention.

What is the olivary nuclear complex?

Olivary nuclei The inferior olivary nucleus (or ‘complex’), which is a part of the olivo-cerebellar system and is mainly involved in cerebellar motor-learning and function. The superior olivary nucleus, considered part of the pons and part of the auditory system, aiding the perception of sound.

What is the function of the inferior colliculus?

Almost all ascending and descending auditory pathways between the brain stem and forebrain synapse within the inferior colliculus. Principal functions of the inferior colliculus involve sound localization, frequency determination, and integration of auditory with nonauditory systems.

How does the superior olivary complex localize sound?

The superior olivary complex (SOC) is a collection of brainstem nuclei that play an important role in sound localization. In rodents, this process occurs primarily by activation of binaural pathways that allow processing of interaural level differences (ILDs) in the lateral superior olive (LSO) (Fig. 1K).

What does the superior colliculus do?

The superior colliculus (SC) is a midbrain area where visual, auditory and somatosensory information are integrated to initiate motor commands. The SC plays a central role in visual information processing in the mouse; it receives projections from 85% to 90% of the retinal ganglion cells (RGCs).

What is the function of the inferior colliculi?

Where is the superior olivary complex in the brain?

The superior olivary complex is located near the facial motor nucleus in the caudal pons (Figs. 21.9B, C and 21.11 ). It is the first site in the brainstem where information from both ears converges.

What is the superior olivary complex Quizlet?

The superior olivary complex (SOC) is the second major station in the ascending auditory pathway. The SOC is a compilation of several adjacent nuclei in the ventral brainstem which process important features of sound including binaural cues that are essential for sound localization.

What is the inferior colliculus of the brain?

After the superior olivary nucleus, auditory processing continues on to a nucleus called the inferior colliculus (IC). The inferior colliculus (IC), a midbrain structure that integrates the vast majority of ascending auditory information and projects via the thalamus to the auditory cortex.

What is the difference between the medial superior and lateral superior olivary?

The medial superior olivary nucleus (MSO), which forms a distinct vertical bar within a diffuse group of periolivary nuclei, is the principal nucleus in the human superior olivary complex ( Figs. 21.8B, C and 21.10 ). The lateral superior olivary nucleus (LSO), located lateral to the MSO, is less distinct.