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What is the GAA in FedEx?

What is the GAA in FedEx?

one-time General Agency Agreement
Why must the one-time General Agency Agreement (GAA) be completed? It provides FedEx Trade Networks Transport & Brokerage (Canada), Inc. (FTN) the legal authority to act on behalf of you or your company with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to facilitate clearance of your FedEx Ground shipments to Canada.

What is a GAA for customs?

A General Agency Agreement (GAA) is a legal document which allows a Customs Broker to conduct business on behalf of an importer.

Why does FedEx need a broker?

When you use a broker-inclusive service for international shipments with a declared customs value of USD $500,000 or less, FedEx defaults as the designated broker and will facilitate clearance using its U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) bond.

How long does FedEx take to ship from USA to Canada?

FedEx Ground Services Intra-Canada and Canada-to-U.S. Services. *

Your Shipping Need (Delivery by) Destination FedEx Solution
1 to 7 business days Intra-Canada FedEx Ground®
2 to 7 business days U.S. FedEx International Ground™

How much are FedEx brokerage fees?

UPS / FedEx shipments Customs Clearance

Shipment Value$ Our Flat Clearance Fee$ Courier’s average brokerage fee + extra added fees
500-750 $35.00 $73.50
750-1000 $35.00 $80.50
1000-1250 $40.00 $91.50
1250-1600 $40.00 $96.50

Can FedEx call me?

FedEx told us over email that they don’t make automated calls to customers. The scam is called the delivery break-in scam, according to the Better Business Bureau. They say to watch out for anyone asking what the best day to deliver a package would be. Generally, UPS or FedEx would leave a note on your door.

Do I have to pay FedEx duty and tax invoice?

The contract of carriage with FedEx states that the shipper is ultimately liable for any duties and taxes assessed on the shipment. If the receiver refuses the package, or the third-party FedEx account holder refuses to pay for duties and taxes, the original shipper will be billed for them.