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What is the insertion of the trapezius muscle?

What is the insertion of the trapezius muscle?

Insertion. The muscle inserts on the lateral third of clavicle, acromion, and spine of scapula.

What is the action of trapezius muscle?

The function of the trapezius is to stabilize and move the scapula. The upper fibers can elevate and upwardly rotate the scapula and extend the neck. The middle fibers adduct (retract) the scapula.

How many origins does the trapezius muscle have?

Origin and insertion The trapezius muscle has several origin points along the midline of the posterior neck and back. The superior fibers attach on the medial third of the superior nuchal line and the external occipital protuberance of the occipital bone.

What is the origin and insertion of the levator scapulae?

Origin and insertion Levator scapulae originates from the transverse processes of the first four cervical vertebrae. The muscle fibers descend laterally to insert at the superior angle and medial border of scapula, between the superior angle and base of the spine of scapula.

What is the insertion of the trapezius muscle quizlet?

Insertion:Lateral one-third of clavicle,acromion and spine of the scapula.

Where are trapezius muscles located?

The trapezius is a muscle that starts at the base of your neck, goes across your shoulders and extends to the middle of your back. The trapezius (traps muscle) helps you move your head, neck, arms, shoulders and torso. It also stabilizes your spine and helps with posture.

Are traps push or pull?

“The middle traps primarily pull the shoulder blades together, and the lower traps rotate the shoulder blades downward.”

What causes tight traps?

You may develop trigger points along the bands of the trapezius. These are raised parts of the muscle that can be painful. Trigger points can develop for many reasons, including from exercise, inactivity, or working for prolonged periods with a poor posture or with your head down.

What nerve innervates the trapezius muscle?

The accessory nerve
The accessory nerve provides the main motor input to the trapezius muscle, but preservation of the C2-C4 branches to the muscle during modified neck dissection should improve outcomes.

What is the origin of the subscapularis muscle?

The subscapularis muscle originates at the subscapular fossa and inserts into the lesser tubercle of the humerus. The muscle internally rotates and adducts the humerus.

What is the origin and insertion of the infraspinatus?

Infraspinatus is a thick triangular muscle that occupies the majority of the dorsal surface of the scapula….Infraspinatus muscle.

Origin Infraspinous fossa of scapula
Insertion Greater tubercle of humerus

Where is the trapezius muscle located quizlet?

Location: Deep to trapezius in upper back located between the vertebrae and scapula and inferior to rhomboid minor.