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What is the meaning of gehen?

What is the meaning of gehen?

“to go
The verb “gehen” In English, the verb “to go” is universal. We can use it to express many different things. For instance, the future tense, or the fact one moves somewhere which could be in the sense of walking, biking, car or airplane as in: “I am going to Berlin”.

What is the meaning of Fragen?

: the lowest bid in a card game (as frog or skat)

What does the word sendung mean in German?

noun. broadcast [noun] a television or radio programme/program.

What is the meaning of antworten?

antworten, (beantwortenentgegnenerwidern) answer, to Verb (answers; answered; answering) respond, to Verb (responds; responded; responding) reply, to Verb (replies; replied; replying)

How do you use zu in German?

The preposition zu is used in most other cases and is always used for “to” with people: Geh zu Mutti!, “Go to (your) mom!” Note that zu can also mean “too,” functioning as an adverb: zu viel, “too much.”

What is Wie geht es dir?

Report Ad. “Wie geht’s” is actually the short form of “Wie geht es” (How’s it going) or “Wie geht es Dir/Ihnen” (How are you doing). It is used in formal (Ihnen) and informal (Dir) situations, you can use it to start a conversation with whoever you meet.

What is the meaning of Frauen?

noun. womankind, womenkind [noun] women generally. womenfolk [noun plural] female people, especially female relatives.

What is ging German?

Depending on the meaning and context of the sentence, the present perfect tense of the German verb “gehen” can either mean “I went” (ich bin gegangen) or “I have gone”. Singular. ich bin gegangen. I went (or I have gone)

Is Frage masculine or feminine?

Gender of nouns ending with “-age”

Example Meaning
die Eremitage hermitage
die Etage floor
die Frage question
die Bandage bandage