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What is the minimum rank to get into SASTRA?

What is the minimum rank to get into SASTRA?

For sastra there is no Cutoff and no minimum percentile required. Total 165 marks. And Out of 165 marks what is your marks based on that they will give the seat. Therefore there is no minimum percentile you need.

Does SASTRA accept JEE Main score?

SASTRA does not use the CBSE cut-off for its admission but its own ranks calculated based on +2 marks and JEE (Main) scores.

How is SASTRA rank calculated?

Every seat is allocated on basis of rank given by sastra which is calculated by 75% of board mark and 25% of JEE marks.

What rank should I get to get CSE in SASTRA?

To get CSE in Sastra University your rank must be under 500 in stream 1 or 2 . Though the cut-off rank varies every year , still you should have a rank under 500 to definitely get CSE in Sastra University. According to your percentile, your rank in JEE MAINS is going to be above 1,00,000.

Can SASTRA seat have 80 percentile?

you should definitely apply for sastra as there is only 25% weightage of JEE Main scores and the remaining 75% will be given to marks scored in 10+2 or equivalent examination in stream 1 and in stream 2 there is no weightage. You don’t have got that much bad marks in jee main 80% is good marks.

Can I get seat in SASTRA with 90 percentile?

There is no specific cut off to get a seat in SASTRA University. It depends on the student who scores the highest marks. If you have appeared for JEE Mains then apply under stream 1. If your board exam marks is 90-95% and JEE main marks is between 50-120 then you can get admission under stream 1.

Can I get admission in SASTRA without jee?

Yes, you can take admission into SASTRA University without entrance exam. SASTRA University gives admissions on the basis of entrance exam JEE Mains/CLAT or aggregate Marks in 10+2 or equivalent exam.

What is the closing rank for SASTRA University?

ANSWER (1) In Sastra University, there is no specified closing rank for both streams, if you were called for an interview (counseling), then it will continue until all seats are filled.

Can I get direct admission in SASTRA?

Admissions are based only on merit and only tuition fees will have to be paid by the candidates. The Admission will be done by the office of Admissions of SASTRA. The Admission will be either by following normalization for 30% of the seats or by JEE Main + normalized + 2 for the remaining 70%.

What is the admission procedure for SASTRA University?

Admissions to all programmes offered by SASTRA are strictly based on merit. Admission to the B.Tech. / 5-year Integrated M.Tech. programmes are conducted under the following two streams: Stream 1 Admission: Applicants under Stream 1 will be admitted to 70% of the seats based on JEE (Mains) scores and normalized +2 marks.

How to calculate Sastra rank from JEE Mains and JEE Main?

For example: If a student secures a JEE Main Score of 185 and a normalized +2 aggregate of 95%, the combined score of the student will be (0.25*185) + (0.75*95) = 117.5 The combined score of a student will be used to determine the SASTRA Rank and admission will be based on the SASTRA Rank secured.

What is the weightage for stream 1 admission in JEE Mains?

Stream 1 Admission: Applicants under Stream 1 will be admitted to 70% of the seats based on JEE (Mains) scores and normalized +2 marks. The weightage for JEE Main scores and +2 marks will be 25% & 75% respectively.