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What is the most common injury in netball?

What is the most common injury in netball?

The most common types of injuries are sprains, bruising, fractures and dislocations.

Does netball hurt your knees?

Netball involves high speed, deceleration, twisting and pivoting. Because of this knee injuries are relatively common. The knee is the most commonly injured joint in Netball. 25% of major injuries reported from netball involve rupture of the ACL.

Why does my knee hurt after netball?

When netballers jump frequently, the quadriceps muscles contract and pull on the patella, which puts stress on the tendon below. The tendon develops micro-tears, and sometimes degeneration of the knee’s collagen, which causes inflammation around the site.

Why is ACL injury common in netball?

ACL injuries commonly occur during sports such as netball, basketball, soccer, tennis and AFL because of the sudden stopping, changing direction whilst running/moving quickly or landing awkwardly from a jump.

Why do so many netball players get knee injuries?

The pivoting, twisting and jumping involved in netball, as well as the rapid acceleration and deceleration of players, commonly results in knee injuries.

How can I prevent knee pain after netball games?

Ensuring that you are stretching/foam rolling/ having sport massages to help/ prevent quadriceps and hamstring tightness which could be causing your knee pain. Netball foam rolling session post game/training could be a good idea J

What is the Netball knee program?

Due to the high rates of knee injuries sustained while playing netball and the evidence regarding the success of injury prevention programs, Netball Australia has introduced the KNEE program for implementation across both professional and amateur netball leagues.

Do injury prevention programs for netballers work?

There is now good evidence that injury prevention programs do work to limit the number of knee injuries. Netball Australia has a KNEE program that consists of a number of knee exercises that can be incorporated into the warm up and main part of netball training. These aim to improve player’s technique, strength and agility.